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    Today marks the end of all sorrows but tomorrow is a new start

    Cancer is a painful word. It can happen to every human beings irrespective of their age. We cannot imagine the depth of pain they are going by. Few years back, I got the opportunity to work as a volunteer for several organizations.. One such organization was mainly meant to support kids who fight cancer. That organization collects new toys for donating to kids in the respective hospital. But due to the low immunization power of kids, they won't be able to use all types of new toys and so we must be careful in selecting toys. Mostly they preferred play doh and lego.

    Anyway on that day, I got a call from the organization to collect some toys and deliver it to the hospital located in the city. We went there with the toys and delivered it to the hospital staff. It was actually a hospital for kids who suffer from Cancer. That day there was a function in the hospital. An 8 year old kid was celebrating "End of Chemos" with her parents, siblings, hospital staff and friends. It was indeed a grand celebration for her after going through the painful session of chemo for several months. The doctors mentioned the glad news that now she is cancer free. She was so happy and thankful to us and what I mentioned in this title is her own words. An 8 year old kid's word itself is worthy enough for all humans to face the sorrows every hour each day. Her courage and smile reminds us to be positive. Forget the past and let all tomorrow's be a new start for all of us.
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    First of all thank you very much for sharing some moments with those children who are challenging the cancer in their own way and glad that one girl has been completed cured and a new beginning would be made in her life. While cancer to the elders could be understood and they are capable of sustaining the pain and ordeal during treatments but for kids it is really horrible time as in the age of playing with grand parents and showing their tantrums and giving all kinds of see saw situations to the parents, they are convalescing for the long treatment of cancer. From my side I also pray God for the early recover of all those children from the clutches of the cancer. By the way I want to ask the author as to whether she had the chance to interact with some children who are taking treatment there and how was their confidence level ?
    K Mohan
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    Mohan Sir,

    As a volunteer, we collected toys and other items and delivered it to the hospital to support the kids and their families. If the kids or their families have some special needs, it will be informed to the organization from the hospital where they are undergoing treatment. But we need to deliver those items only to the hospital staff itself. That's how my volunteer works were done on those years. I got one chance to interact with an innocent child and that's the one I have shared here.

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    Good on you Asha. Not many, especially in India, take the time to volunteer for such good causes. God bless you.

    I have had a nephew suffer from childhood leukaemia, thank God he is now fully recovered. Ordinary people just treat cancer, in children as a disease and sympathise with the parents. That is it. Not many give a thought beyond feeling sorry for them.

    The struggle of the parents is real. The plight of the parents, their helplessness and the agony of seeing their child go through pain is unimaginable. Parents can become depressed with the challenges they face.

    Funding for the treatment is the biggest challenge. Next comes time. Parents have no 'me time' and become cut-off from the world because their focus is solely on their child. I feel parents need a break too, something to cheer them up because they are living through hell.

    My cousin's wife had to give up a lucrative job to be with the child. The couple didn't socialise and kept away from family functions. We need to give such parents our time, so they can lead a normal life, despite all the trauma.

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    A touching and inspiring narration by the author.

    To volunteer to help the ailing people is a great job and very few people come forward for such helping gestures.

    The cure of a disease, especially like cancer, is really a great achievement in the life of the patient and words can not describe the happiness achieved at that time.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Very pleased to note the presence of a social worker in ISC. You have said well about the suffering of the cancer patients, especially the children affected by cancer. What would be the happiness if the sorrowful cancer ends today, and the new day starts tomorrow to see the happy days in life. It is not only for the cancer patients but for all who suffer in their life with a dream to see a happy tomorrow.

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    It is nice to hear that you are participating in some social activity. It is nice that you are using some of your time for a good cause. The children with cancer will have a lot of agony at the same time their parents will have more agony. These days many medicines are there for curing cancer and it will be easy to cure the problem if it is identified in its early stage. But the chemo treatment is very painful and people will not be able to withstand the pain. One of my distant relatives had this treatment. When I visited him he was telling that he was not able to withstand the pain and he felt that it is better to die rather than having this pain. But he was cured fully and now he is spending his normal life.
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