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    Does natural herbal medicine harm people?

    For every ordinary ailments, we have always had a huge number of very simple herbal treatments that are very good. It is commonly believed that such treatments do not have any side effect, as the treatment is normally from very commonly available herbs.

    One such is the thulaisi water treatment for common cold. If there is no fever, the elders simply advise the patient to take some thulasi leaves, wash them, boil them in pure water for fifteen minutes and then cool the water. When the water is cool, it can be filtered and some village jaggery (this is called nattu chakkarai in Tamil , sometimes referred to as panarkalkandu also) and just consume it. Over a three dosage schedule, the cold is normally gone and the person is okay.

    Of late, some allopathy doctors are advising the patients to never go in for such treatments. They claim that only their drugs and antibiotics can cure the simple cold and caugh as well.

    Is this true? Are these doctors talking only from the commercial angle? How can thulasi which is a proven herb, be so harmful, even when there is no fever at all?

    What do Members have to say on this?
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    Allopathy drugs give quick relief and that is why people go for it. They are based on a detailed scientific research and studies and are the main choice of drugs today. At the same time there are inherent risks of side actions of these allopathic medicines.

    On the other hand, herbal and natural medicines work slowly and support the human body immune system to cure the ailment which sometimes may not be cured due to severity of the ailment.

    So allopathic doctors sometimes ignore these herbal preparations and advise the modern medicines instead.

    The common notion is that the herbal and natural remedies do not harm us so even if it does not cure the ailment it is acceptable.

    Knowledge is power.

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    If any one says that the herbal medicines would harm our health, means he either miss guiding or not aware of the facts. Please note that our grand fathers, great grand fathers purely lived on the herbal medicines only and they did survive and in fact lived for more years than the present generation. For example Soump is the good appetizer. Even after eating hard Biryani, just have some soump, the digestion would fast and decisive. And for loose motion sensation and also to stop vomiting, just have Methi seeds with water. Likewise the sugar water can stop the stomach upset at once.
    K Mohan
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    I believe it depends upon individuals body how that react to any medicine. W can not say that herbal medicines doesn't have any side effects.

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    Many of the natural products if properly used will not have any side effects. The author is mentioning about Tulasi Water. This particular product is a very good medicine for a cough and cold. Even fevers will also come down with this particular product. If a little salt is added to this water it will cure very effectively. There will not be any side effects.
    We have been using this since long and we use this for small Kids also. There will not be any problem.
    But if you ask the opinion about these medicines to an Allopathy doctor, their reply will be always negative only. Their knowledge about these medicines will be low and they never encourage these products. So it is the patient who has to take the decision and accordingly he should consult the concerned expert. If you go and ask an ayurvedic doctor he will advise you about these products correctly. All depends on the patient's belief about the doctor and the medicine.

    always confident

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