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    Why not have only play schools even in Government schools?

    There is a huge amount of research in child psychology. One such is the concept of free child. That is, the child should do all the pranks that he or she is meant to do and should not be punished at all. A you tube video now shows a rather stupid mother arguing with her less than three years old child, in Tamil, that she would deserve punishment if she were to do all the pranks.

    Doing such pranks is all part of childhood. Very intelligent play schools have huge blackboards firmly implanted on the walls, but at a reachable height and allow the children to just go on with their pranks. There is so much of learning only through observation.

    In fact, the most famous play schools, where a single beating can ensure that the teacher is dismissed immediately, without any questions asked, is the ideal answer to schooling up to the fifth standard. It is commonly observed that such children are far more creative than the children who go through the rote method of learning.

    Why not have only play schools everywhere? The teachers should be taught all the teaching methods for the mindset change.
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    Play schools where children are given free hand to develop their skills and intelligence are managed professionally by the trained teachers who have sufficient patience and training to handle such delicate teaching methods.

    I doubt whether teachers in Govt schools will be capable to perform in such a way. In Govt schools teachers will more abide by the rules and regulations rather then concentrating on the students. So it is feasible but may not be a successful endeavour to introduce such professional methods in Govt schools.

    Knowledge is power.

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    When there is less patronage for the primary and upper government schools education, how can the rulers take risk of starting play school even in government schools . Already in many government schools the teachers are many and the students are less. That means the government is giving waste salary without imparting education to even one single student. The other day I have seen a news report that for the entire school only one student comes and for him the entire staff has to come to teach. See the cost of salary being paid for one student. So unless and until there is grown patronage for government schools, there cannot be new thoughts on developing to new vistas.
    K Mohan
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    In India, there is no confidence in the people regarding the government schools. The general feeling is the standards in these schools are very less. The teaching staff will not take much interest and there is no accountability. Another problem is the medium of instruction will be the regional language only. Hence the parents will never send their children to these schools. These days in villages also, the students are preferring private schools as they will be teaching in English medium.
    In a play school, the teacher should have a lot of patience and they should teach the kids the way the kid likes and understands. But the teachers are not ready to that. In many of the primary schools even in very remote places also there are no admissions. Under these circumstances, even though government starts a play school also, no parent will consider putting his child in that government school. They prefer a private school only.
    So I feel it will add on to the expenses of government without any positive output. Hence I will not say Yes to the proposal of having government play schools.

    always confident

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