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    Lack of awareness or weakness of the taste buds?

    Today, junk foods have become very common in our life and we are gulping them down without thinking about the adverse effect they may have on our health.

    Every corner of the market, whether it is a town or a big city, is full of such food joints. These foods are full of carbohydrates and various combinations of tasty spices. They do not provide the essential things like proteins, vitamins, minerals etc which are required for the development of a healthy body.

    Still, people are consuming them in good quantities.

    Is it due to lack of health awareness or simply the attraction of our taste buds to these foods? What are your views on this?
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    Another big problem with these junk foods is the oil. They use a cheap variety of oil and it will be heated many times which is not at all good for health. It is better to avoid such foods. They may be tasting good but we should not get tempted. Many young people prefer this food. I never take such foods. But my sons and daughters in law prefer. As mentioned by the author lack of health consciousness is the main reason for going for these foods.
    Especially for the persons who crossed their 40s, this food is not at all advisable. Young people can have once in a while. But it should be stopped completely once you are crossing your 40s.

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    The house holds have become lazy as they go to bed late at night, and in the morning they would wake up late. So to do the daily household chores, they are not getting time and hence heavily depending on road side junk foods for break fast and even packing the same for lunch at office. And we know in what oil they are preparing the food, no hygiene way , and exposed to the roads dust and so on. Yet we are ready to over look them for our urgent needs and end up with stomach upset or digestion problem next day. So it is necessary to prepare home foods and serve them with great passion than depending on jun foods.
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    We cannot say no to junk foods completely. They are the saviours when we are away from home. In this busy world, it is not always possible to taste homely food. Where a family has both husband and wife are employed, certainly they go for junk food after many hours of work in their offices. Even they carry the same junk food to home for their children.

    It is not that all the fast food sellers are using the same oil repeatedly. There are also sincere and dedicated food sellers who care the health of the public. What we see on the roadside shops cannot be seen in big hotels or restaurants ! Who knows what they use and how they prepare the dishes?

    While I was in Bombay (Mumbai), I have seen the kitchen of many Class A restaurants which were filthy, maintained in a very poor state. If anyone sees it, I am sure, no one will dare to dine in that beautifully decorated restaurants. Hence, I would say that roadside fastfood stalls are far better than 5 star hotels that are good for our taste buds.

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