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    What is this? How they follow me?

    My dear Fellow ISCian,
    If I browse for a good Saree, all the saree ads get a place in my page. If I search for a good foot wear, all the ads related to foot wears get their place in my page. If I search for some domestic appliance, many ads for domestic appliances appears in my page. Whatever I search, I get ads for it. And I am tempted to click the ads.

    What is this? How I am followed like this? Who tracks me on the net? Do you have an answer for it?
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    It is because of the cookies; it happens when you Google stuff. Try clearing your browsing history.
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    Yes. It happens because of the cookies used on the sites. When you google some information this happens. I have also noticed this many times on my page also. Then I asked my Son about it. He advised me to remove the browsing history. The same is the advice in # 648096.
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    Today, as suggested by Juana, I cleared all my browsing history, even today's history. Yet I find the same ads popping repeatedly on the items that I searched earlier. I think, they are following me very sincerely. It is like my own shadow that follows me.
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    Clear the cache and cookies from your web browser. Doing so will remove some of the data stored in the browser. Along with the browsing history, also clear the download history, delete cookies and empty the cache.

    @Srinivasa Rao - What do you think? Will this work? Did your son fail to advise you to remove these items or did you fail to include them in your response?

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    It is because of Google. Google records our web browsing history in 'My Activity' too. One clears the normal browsing history, but the browsing history in 'My Activity' is not deleted by that action. One has to separately delete the browsing history in 'My Activity'. The link to my 'My Activity' is located on the bottom left side of the history page or simply type '' in your web browser's address bar on the top.

    'My Activity' has all your web browsing history from your browser and your Android, Maps, search etc as well. Delete your history from there.

    You can set your preferences for recording also. Like, you watch some video in YouTube and you do not want Google to record your YouTube history, then you can disable your recording for YouTube and Google will not record your YouTube history.

    Hope this helps!

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    What I feel that Google ad words work here. What ever we tend to search, surely those words catch up with the concerned words and thus ads appear automatically.
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    Google adwords is PPC (pay per click) advertisement service from Google. It connects with our browsing history and searches, and then Google starts showing us relevant advertisements. So, the basic step is to remove your browsing history, if you do not want to see those connected advertisements.
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    May this possibly be the reason of the user_id along with the IP addresses being associated with our PC which are working altogether to remind us of what we had searched for earlier. This user id could be of anything like the gmail or your facebook or other online commercial sites. When you enter your account to any sites or to any PC of any location, these being in association with your IP addresses gets your preferences which is in context to your earlier search criteria. This is because of a simple reason that these all are google based which is programmed to link you to with your taste.

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    I think, Gypsy's suggestion works. I always ensure to delete my browsing history periodically, and keep only a month's history. And, I do not wish to delete all my google activity as it helps in someway for quick and easy browsing. The ads appearing in my pages are not a hindrance to my operation.

    @ Solution to a problem has been taught by Gypsy and learned by all.

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    You are signed in to your google account. This enables the fulfillment of the contract you agreed and signed with google that they can track you and send ads according to your searches and intentions, as well as some recommended ads from google.

    When you sign out from google account, you won't see such specific ads. Sign out means you are completely SIGNED OUT. You should remove the saved passwords from the browser, and also prevent it from remembering your password hereafter.
    To check your email, you will find that you have to go to gmail page and then sign in with your password.
    You will find your browser preferences are set to default, if you did change it while signed in.

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