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    Have we heard of stopping atrocities against man in general?

    We have woman rights activists & we have animal rights activists too but nothing as such which we may refer as the firm or the institution or the NGO who is working against the atrocities against man in the society too. We intends to eliminate the discrimination with providing equal rights to the citizen of our country but don't talk much in this area wherein the atrocities against man in the society can also be controlled but is not the case. Possibly this doesn't look attractive in political or the religious ways?

    Do you know the scenario wherein the man is accused of rape by some unknown individual? The first blame goes to the man with woman always found to be innocent irrespective of anything but what if they came out as fake. No matter what, we agree that often the women are the victims of gender bias but the man can also be found for being victimized of false blames behind these curtains.
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    There was a big debate about this issue in Andhra Pradesh and the Chairperson Women rights protection Committee of Andhra Pradesh felt that a similar committee should be started for men also. I remember a similar thread was raised in this section and debated on this particular point. In this world, it is believed that males are having higher physical strength. So the general feeling is that women can't attack men. It may not be true 100% but in majority cases it is true. That is why there is no sympathy even from males to other suffers. If it is to a lady there will be full support from all the sides. But if a man is the suffer they get support very rarely.
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    In fact a wide thinking is going on among the women itself to protect innocent men who bound to be penalized and punished with the vengeance of a woman who want to take the advantage of law in favor of her. In fact TDP leader Nannapaneni Rajkumari also felt that there should be Men rights commission on the lines of women rights commission. Sometimes the men are so innocent and the law cannot protect them. And they do not have any other avenues to put forth their truth and hence a right commission for men is highly recommended. Hope Modi government is posted about this.
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