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    Every year all schools must conduct a free medical camp for eye test. Do you agree?

    Medical check ups are very important in our daily routine. All kids should undergo a regular medical check up every year. This will really help to find any medical issues which need to be resolved at the earliest. If the educational institutions where the kids are studying will take some initiative, it will be really helpful for all the families. I am suggesting here about a regular eye checkup which can be conducted in every school. The school can give the report from this ophthalmologist to the kid's parents. If needed, they can consult a reputed eye hospital for further treatment. I think this will definitely help to find certain eye defects like short sight or astigmatism at a young age itself without advancing. Kids usually spend about 5-6 hours in school and so if such initiatives are taken from the school authorities also, we can protect our young one's eyes.
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    Very nice suggestion from the author. There is a need to check up the eyes of the kids for various reasons. From the infant age itself , parents are patronizing small children to fiddle with cell phones and the rays are likely to affect the eyes. I have seen most of the children below five years are not able to see the black board and its writings from the long distance and also they are unable to understand the right colors. Thus children are loosing the vision in short period of life. If care has been taken with periodic eye check up, the parents can take remedial measures and have the control of child on the use of mobile. Moreover eye vision enhancing foods has to be given to the children irrespective they having any draw back or not. And eye exercise every day will also keep their eyes in good condition. Hope mothers understand the importance of their children eyes.
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    This was implemented in my school for two years. Back then eye sightedness was really prolific. Even I got to know that I needed a specs then only. Doctors suggest to check the eye sight every 6 months. But schools may not be able to afford time and money for that. So an yearly checkup would be appropriate.
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    There are some schools where such tests are conducted due to the interest taken by some hospitals or charitable organisations but these are not done in a regular way.

    It is definitely a nice idea to have these tests regularly in the schools so that the medical condition of the students can be monitored. A timely test can help in diagnosing the ailment at an early stage. Eye is a vital part of the body so the preventive check up is very essential.

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    This is a good suggestion. All the schools may not show interest in conducting such tests. The parents should take interest and make the schools conduct the health tests yearly once. The parents are responsible for the health of their children. They too should take the responsibility to get such tests conducted that are necessary instead of putting the burden on the schools. The 'Parents Association' of each school can take the initiative by collaborating with 'Doctor's Association' or doctors in the locality to get such tests conducted.
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    It is no doubt a good suggestion and a positive idea.

    But keeping in mind the commercialization of the medical field as well as the educational institutions, I doubt whether such an effort would yield the expected results. I don't think any government would be able to take up the challenge all by itself even if a rule to this effect is brought in, except maybe for government schools with the help of the respective health departments.
    So, the ball will ultimately be in the court of private educational institutions or trusts. They will, taking the cover of government orders, tie up with some private hospitals or optical companies to carry out the tests. In order to get their support by way of time and effort, in addition to levying some additional fees from the students, the schools may have to agree to a condition put forth by the hospitals or companies that any student having any problem will have to be referred to their clinic or company for further treatment. And in such a scenario, the possibility of more number of students being detected with one problem or the other cannot also be ruled out.
    Keeping these factors in mind, I really don't think such an idea would bring out the expected results.

    My thought process may seem to be too exaggerated and pessimistic but why I allowed my thought to stray into the negative pastures is due to what we get to see around us.

    Not that such an idea will not produce good results at all and would not be beneficial to the student community with regard to early detection of eye related problems and treatment and not that such an effort will be manipulated but can we rule out such a possibility. I don't think anyone can reply with a convincing 'NO'.

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    The suggestion from the member is valid and appreciable. However, it should not become a business for the eye specialists to recommend spects for the students through which the optical centres would improve their sale. The frames and the lens are costly by manifolds.

    In Bengaluru, I got my eyes checked up from a reputed eye hospital. They insisted me to buy the spects from their own shop. It costed Rs. 3000/- for frame and Rs. 2000/- for the lens. Within a year, the lens had scratches, and needed to be replaced. I went to an optical centre in Salem, where I got the lens replaced by simply spending Rs. 700/- only. The same frame cost only Rs. 600/- in Salem.

    Further, the school authorities might charge the fees from the parents of the students.

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    I recall my school conducted eye tests in collaboration with Lawrence & Mayo, way back in the 70s. My brother's school too conducted the same drive and it was discovered that he had myopia and needed glasses. Lawrence & Mayo had an outlet on the outer circle of Connaught Place, New Delhi, and we became its patrons.

    I shop at Lawrence & Mayo to date. We rely on the brand for our eye-tests and do all our shopping of eyewear at their showrooms.

    My school also had annual dental check-ups, conducted by Colgate. So, it is not a new concept.

    It might not be possible for every school to include such a programme because of various factors – one such factor is that it would require outsourcing it. Of course, popular opticians can sponsor such programmes as part of their marketing strategy, but the direct involvement of educational institutes is unfeasible.

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    A good suggestion. I am proud to say that we used to arrange health camps in the schools near our factory. I was working in a factory in Telangana and the factory was in a remote area. There were 6 villages around the factory. Two villages were having high schools and the remaining villages were having upper primary school. On behalf of our factory, we used to conduct free medical camps calling the doctors from Hyderabad. They used to spend one day in each school and conduct the required tests and if any further treatment required they were referred to Hyderabad Hospitals and we used to see that they will get the required treatment. Eye doctors also used to participate and every year our organisation was used to allocate some money for this programme. Like this, if the Organisations can arrange medical camps under CSR, it will be a very good help to the needy.
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    A really good suggestion. Nowadays kids not only read books but also spend a lot of time on online/mobile games. The continuous use of eyes for these things causes a great strain on them and are a cause of concern. Many children wear spectacles from a very young age and sometimes the diagnosis for short-sightedness is not done at the right time. As a result the problem increases and complication may arise if left untreated.

    There are many schools that conduct eye testing camps and most of them are in towns. The schools situated in the villages are lagging behind and they require help from the government or NGOs to conduct these camps on a regular basis. I hope there are few members of ISC attached to schools and they can try to implement the suggestions of this thread , if their schools are not conducting eye sight checking camps already. I thank the author for posting this thread and think that with initiative from different sections of the society this can be implemented in schools.


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