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    Viral fever fast spreading and take care of yourself and family.

    Every clinic in Hyderabad is being visited by patients with complaints of high fever, head ache, body ache , sneezing ,nausea and above all the weakness which may tend to have the feeling of falling on the ground. There is no age for this disease. It is affecting elders, children and if neglected lead to sever complications and hospitalization for bigger treatment. Doctors say that frequent climate change in a day, not keeping the environment clean and also those who have dust allergy must keep themselves protected from various pollution. So take care of yourself and visit your family doctor immediately on noticing any symptom.
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    Yes. Many people in Hyderabad are getting affected with this viral fever these days. The Climate condition is the very reason for this. Very hot sun, immediately rain and again hot sun. A very frequent variation in the weather is causing the problem. In addition to this the drainage system is not proper and a little rain also a lot of water stagnation on roads is another problem. The pollution levels are also high. The State government is not taking any steps to improve these issues in Hyderabad. The water stagnation should be avoided. Cleanliness is to be improved. Pollution in the city is to be controlled.
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