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    Tomorrow is Vinayaka Chathurthi. Have you planned to celebrate it?

    Dear Members,
    Tomorrow 13th September 2018 is Vinayaka Chathurthi, a day to celebrate and offer our prayers and worship Lord Sri Ganesh, the first and Supreme God of Hindus.

    How are you going to celebrate this great festival? What are your plans for tomorrow?
    (Edited- date corrected).
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    Confusion of dates Sun. Today is 12-09-2018. Hence, tomorrow will be 13-09-2018. When exactly is Ganesh Chaturthi? Is it today, 12-09-2019 or tomorrow 13-09-2018?

    As for me, I have no plans. Have not yet been invited by friends. Will visit people's home if I get invited.

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    It is tomorrow, on 13th September 2018, and not today.
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    Yes tomorrow being chathurthi, we are preparing to have grand pooja for the clay Ganesh Idol which would be purchased when it was prepared then and there. Because I am totally against the plaster of Paris idols which are having other chemical compounds and coloring agents. We have the stotram books through which important archanas for God would be done and preparation of Modhakam or Kozhukattai is must and that will be taken care off. After our home puja, we shall participate in the community celebration in the colony which is also slated for grand ceremony.
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    We are also having a puja in our society campus and the participants are going to bring variety of home made prasadam.

    It will be a great time to participate in puja and enjoy the bhajans recited by all of the people present.

    The elders and youngers and even kids participate in this great event and the scene is vibrant with religious emotions.

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    I am in Bengaluru now. We are strangers to this city. We conduct pooja for Ganesh at home only. Nearby there is a Shiva temple where Lord Ganapathy also present. The organizers came to us to collect fund for the Vinayaka Chathurthi celebration, and invited us to join the pooja. I will visit the temple in the evening to worship and offer my prayers to Lord Ganesh. May God Bless You and Me.
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    We are planning for a pooja in the morning. My wife and second son went out in the morning and brought all the leaves and flowers required. In the evening my elder son and his wife will go out and bring the other materials and a Ganapthi Idol made of Clay for tomorrow's pooja. My second daughter in law went to her parents and hence we are missing her this year for the pooja. In the night they all will make all the preparations so that tomorrow we can perform the pooja in the morning itself. I have purchased a new dress for my granddaughter. We all will complete the pooja and then lunch. After lunch, we will be going to see the idols in the houses of friends and relatives. Many people have a belief that one should see at least 9 idols worshipped on this day. I don't know how many places we can go. All depends on the availability of time. Generally, many of us don't want to miss this pooja as Lord Ganapathi is supposed to be the God who can remove all obstacles and see that all our works will be completed successfully without any problems.
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    On the auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi, wishing everyone happiness and prosperity. May the Lord's blessings be showered on you and yours.
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