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    Modi government clears total Electrification project on Indian Railways. That means no diesel locos

    The diesel and petrol cost increase has forced the Modi government to take a firm decision today when the cabinet cleared the proposal to electrify all the pending routes on Indian Railways which were earlier sanctioned and work not started. That means sooner or later the entire Railway network would be totally electrified and no diesel engines required there by depending on too much for the diesel fuel will be off. And diesel locos will be withdrawn. It will be a massive saving for government and for passengers they reach the destination fast and punctual.
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    it is a nice decision. But how long it will take to complete is the question and in between the governments may change or the decisions may change. Anyhow I hope sooner all the railway lines will be electrified and diesel consumption will come down. This is good for the environment also. If it really happens, there will be good savings for the railway passengers also. A welcome decision.
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    It is a good move by the government. It will take many years to electrify the entire railway routes. The next government coming to power should follow it up without any grudge against the previous government. BJP is doing it with a hope that they will continue to be in power forever.
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    Already the budget has been allotted and work will go on in spite of the government changes.
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    It is a welcome move but is the shortage of diesel the actual reason? I don't think so because if we consider the increase in power consumption that would take place with the electrification, we would have to bear with acute (because it already exists) power shortage in future which will escalate the cost of electricity putting the common citizen into more trouble. As said in the above responses, the plan is still in the conception stage and we will have to wait and see whether it will materialize. With elections nearing, we may get to see more of such announcements. Instead of spending so much money in electrification, the government should think of improving the present infrastructure and other related facilities on priority.
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    If I am not wrong then the electrification is also comes under infrastructure facilities & yet another milestone decision by the NDA government. This is futuristic administration which no other political party or leadership is capable of but sadly we don't have much news in the electronic media in this context.

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