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    The idea that changed your life in some way!

    Can an idea change your life? It may be a big change or a small one. Facing a particular situation, having a different idea and implementing the same properly is said to be able to bring changes to your life. Have you experienced any such changes in your life? Could your idea make a difference in your life or that of others? Let us share the same in this thread and discuss the probabilities and possibilities.

    They say "An idea can change your life". Yes, it can really change things. All the inventions are made because somebody had an idea of trying things in a different way. It is not always the case that somebody has to be very well educated formally to invent something, it is the thought process of the inventors that works behind the inventions. We have heard of many scientists who were school/college dropouts but changed the way we live in today with their inventions. In our daily life we perform different tasks which may become monotonous after a period. Few of us try to change things to simplify the process. Those are not any inventions but just a way we found to do the tasks in much simpler way. It may be the use of any existing technology or just another process, but after implementing it we think we have done a great job.

    Now let me give you few examples. I have found many grocer shops and small vendors accept payments through paytm. I thought of applying the same method while paying the newspaper vendor. I asked him and he agreed, it feels good after this. One of my friends stays alone from the family because of his job and is a late riser. He implemented a technique so that the milkman never disturbs his sleep. He made a small wooden stand of peculiar design and keeps an empty bottle there every night. He instructed the milkman accordingly so that he regularly takes the empty bottle with him and keeps the freshly filled bottle inside the stand. I found it really interesting. Have you ever implemented any such process to simplify things? Please do share.
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    Nice post from the author. Small ideas can bring bigger relief to us in the long run. The other day a child was disturbing his mother and making all kinds of tantrums much to the annoy of her and this was happening at the hospital waiting room when the crowd is more and the doctor yet to come. Unable to control the child , she was chiding and beating instead of convincing and cajoling or playing with him. I hit upon the idea . Just had a piece of paper and prepared a flying bird out of it instantly. When the wings started moving to give a flying flips , the child got attracted and stopped his tantrums.
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    A small idea will change sometimes the entire life. This is what idea phone says. Same is the case in many issues. Personally, I have made many decisions which were later on proved to be good. I belong to a middle-class family. We are five brothers and four sisters. I have done my M.Sc and got a fellowship for doing my PhD. All the people advised me to stay in the hostel. But I thought if I stay in the hostel I can't help my family. So I have decided to stay in a room separately and took my three sisters and one brother for their education with me. Those days there were no colleges in our village and girls were stopping their studies after 10th class. But as I have taken them to Vizag, they all continued their studies and slowly the other brothers also shifted to Vizag one after another and completed their studies. I am proud to say that now all my brothers and sisters are Postgraduates and settled very well in their lives. My parents are very happy now and they always say my idea has done wonders for our family. The persons who advised me not to take the girls there are telling today that I have done a good thing.
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    Yes. Ideas changes our life. But I can talk about the idea that changed my good old Padmini who is with me for many years. She is fair(white) in colour. Whenever someone hits her, a dent is created on her left or right. To hide that dent, or the peel of her colour, I won't go to a hospital of hers. What I would do is - Just buy a white reflecting sheet; cut into the right size in a design(either round or square or rectangular); and place it to hide the damaged portion. Similarly, I will do it on her opposite side also. This will be very attractive to others watching my Padmini, and there will be no sign of damage to her parts. Thus, you will find many such decorative patches to my good old Padmini. Even at 45, she looks young and beautiful.

    @ Are you wondering about my Padmin ! Many old ISCians know who is she. She is my life. No one will dare to possess her in this hi-tech world.

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    A nice post from the author. Yes, it is very true that sometimes an idea can change the life and make that perceptible change.

    Many people have experienced this in their life and if not in their life might have seen happening with others.

    When I was studying in my class XII (in a remote hill town)I had a great liking for storybooks in hindi. As my knowledge of english was poor I could not read story books in english as it took long time in understanding and deciphering them.

    One day while glancing the books in district library, I found hindi translations of some representative english books. There were many of them and instantly an idea stuck my mind. I started reading those hindi translations one by one and also tried their english versions. For 3 years, I continuously did this and many books were repeatedly read by me and by the time I completed my B.Sc., I was able to read any book in english.

    For me it was a great achievement and today whatever little contribution I am able to make in the world of creative writing, the credit goes to that idea on that particular day.

    Knowledge is power.

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    A little constructive idea may change the entire concept of life. The only thing is to implement the same in a diligent way so that such tips are implemented effectively.
    I do recall up my school - days and while going to school which was around 7 km from my locality, we preferred to solve the Home- works relating to Maths mostly from Yadav Chandra Chakravorty - a famous book on Arithmetic. Our independent thinking on this subject helped us to solve many intricate problems. Such utilisation of time continued till we reached the stage of Matriculation.
    The end result of such endeavour helped me to score marks in Mathematics to an impressive level even at the graduation - stage.
    Still I remember the starting days which inspired me to solve the twists involved in Arithmetic and later it turned out to be my favourite passion.

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