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    Why the state governments are not able to stop community celebrations of Ganesh utsav ?

    In Hyderabad we are seeing growing number of Ganesh idols in the make shift street corner Pandals for celebrating the Ganesh utsav for 9 days. For this the entire area is being cordoned off, no traffic allowed or traffic diverted. Serial bulbs would be lit from the both sides of the street and above all the loud speaker goes on playing the songs much to the annoy and disturbance of locals. And above all the donation seeking groups often bothers the Individuals and the business community to share heavy donation. Why the governments are not taking any action as hooligans are joining and getting benefited in this melee.
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    This has become a practice in almost all the places in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Even in Mumbai, also a number of such situations are there. But the better part in Mumbai is these celebrations will not create any traffic problems, I understand. But it is the other way round in other places. One good thing these days is, no loudspeakers. So sound pollution has come down. They can have the celebrations but traffic problems should not be there and should not cause problems for the fellow citizens, I feel.
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    Don't feel bad. It is a way of life. We have taken birth in this world to enjoy life. Festivals are for enjoyment through celebrations. Someone take initiative and interest to conduct a festival in a grand manner. Nothing wrong in it. And you cannot do it. They seek donations to meet the requirement. The rich gives more, while a poor gives what they can afford. Having serial lamps and music is for joy. In a country of Hindus, how can we restrict the poojas of a Hindu deity, that too the first and Supreme Lord of Hindus. According to me, there is no problem caused by Ganesh Pooja. Lord Ganesh will take care of all the problems faced by the public, if any.

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    If the poojas are done in real way , welcome. But dancing to the tune of film songs, is no way a dedication towards God and donations sought for their enjoyment ?
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    I thought these type of things happen in WB only. Now from this thread I found people are getting disturbed elsewhere too. What I feel, in our country everything is permissible when there is a political support behind it. There should not be any objection to celebrate festivals peacefully, if it is done without disturbing the public in any way. In this case the area is blocked and the microphone is played loudly which is a serious issue. Nobody can obstruct the thoroughfare or play music loudly that tantamounts to sound pollution. The authorities must step in to resolve the issue.

    Since the hooligans are joining the community celebrations, I am sure political leaders are involved too. I am talking about the political involvement because of my personal experience in West Bengal where many such cases do happen and in almost all of them local leaders remain involved.


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    During such festivals, especially the Vinayaka Chathurthi where every street corner will have a Ganapathy idol to worship. Even in real life situation, Lord Ganapathy temple is present in the corner of the streets. It is believed that Lord Ganapathy is in search of a spouse for Him who should look similar to his mother Paarvathi which is never possible to get. Till today, He did not get her.
    Dancing to the drum beat or the film music is a joy for the youngsters. We can say that it is the culture of our nation. And of course, the politician from the local area will be invited, and they will support all the activities. The police will be just an onlooker, and will be helpless to check. At times, they may also join the team to dance and enjoy.

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