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    Come election time, if tickets not given, the leaders are ready to jump to other parties with others

    In our country we are seeing a worst trend where in the leaders who are less performers and if the high command sees them unfit to get on winning mode, they are denied tickets and on learning this those leaders would jump to other parties with their followers without even thinking as to how the same voters would treat them in other parties. That means leaders are always power mongers and they cannot digest life without power politics. And the situation is same in every party because for one MLA seat there are at least 100 aspirants ? So the remaining 99 either jump to other parties or try their luck as independent candidate.
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    In politics, career making is prime object and it is a usual practice for candidates to switch parties. It may look selfish or taking the advantage of the opportunity but it is the naked truth.

    The parties are also to be blamed in this respect. Why they welcome the people from the other parties. If they absorb them the only thing in their mind is the vote bank behind such opportunist people.

    It may be an irony of our political system but it is happening every time when the candidates are announced by a party and someone feels that his name is missing.

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    These politicians are not loyal to their parties or to the people. They want power. How we got it is not the question. Bust just get it is the policy. That is why these things are happenings. Many people want MLA tickets or MP tickets. If the party is not able to allot, they may change the party or contest as Independent. This is the fact in politics these days.
    In the olden days, the people are identified by their party. But now that is not there. Even after winning the elections also, if their party is not in the ruling, the MLAs will never hesitate to go to another party and may become minister also.
    This practice should be stopped. The EC should have some rules in place so that a person winning an election on a particular party. will stick to the party only. If he changes the party he will lose his membership and again election is to be conducted for that particular post.

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    These are seasonal movements which depend upon the opportunities available to the candidate of any political parties & during any particular point of time or more specifically during the election time. The fact of the matter is how we make a differentiation here for being ethical or non-ethical. For me everything is ok & we should devoid of much consideration to this whole. We all are opportunistic in our lives but perhaps we are not honest enough to admit this & therefore if they are doing this act of shifting from one party or the other for their benefits then it's their business & got nothing to do with us till the time that after getting elected they are not performing & therefore he is not liable to get our votes during the next election & we should take care of this being done honestly.

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