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    Alert: Government bans Saridon, Corex, D cold total and 328 other drugs forth with.

    Further to the government order of March 10th 2016 five more drugs has been imposed ban and that includes famous Saridon, Corex, D cold Total and others. I am habituated to use Saridon often as I used to get immediate relief from nagging head ache. Even I was the regular user of D cold total. We do not know what exactly the reason for banning about 328 drugs and the most famous ones would be withdrawn from the chemists forthwith. So next time ask for alternate medicines against the banned drugs and get solace.
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    It is good that some medicines which are not really good for the health are banned. But I think getting banned medicines is not a big problem in India. Acetic Anhydride is a chemical having a narcotic effect. So the chemical is banned for general use. But for industries, we can purchase with a special licence for purchasing that. But we will get the same chemical on the market with a different name and people purchase it.
    But it is better to use the allopathic medicine when it is a must only. Otherwise, withstanding the pain and waiting for the natural healing is the best always. But people use the medicines for quick relief and they will get habituated to that medicine.
    Ayurveda and Homeopathy medicines are better in that respect and there will not be any side effects of these medicines even though it takes a little more time for getting cured.

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    What I really feel and understand is - There are hundreds of companies manufacturing drugs for the diseases. The Health authorities at the Centre and the State might be getting some monetary benefits through the companies. When the companies don't get well with the authorities, the authorities try to play wrong in someway or other. Else, other companies could have greased the palms of the authorities, to get their brand sold in the market by banning the famous drugs of other companies.

    To me, the banned drugs like Saridon, Corex and D cold are very effect medicines to get relief. And I wonder why they are banned.

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    Surprised if this move but the matter is under judicial consideration with the Supreme Court of India. In the last hearing & the final outcome of High Court the decision came out in the favor of the manufacturers & therefore the government has moved to the Supreme Court. I don't know the technicalities here but if the chemicals being in use in the manufacturing of these medicines are not up to the standard level or somehow related to the dangerous commodities than why the decision couldn't be taken so far & at the same time let the consumers with these medicines. If we do remember than we same had the case the famous brand called Nestle with commodity Maggie. But at least the actions have been initiated & it's a good news.

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    The drugs banned are Fixed Dose Combination(FDC). The Drug Technical Advisory Board of India advised the ban as it felt that these combinations have no therapeutic justification. These combinations do not benefit the patients taking them.
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    The move to ban these drugs is perfectly logical and must be welcomed by all. Actually the process started in 2010 when the government banned the sale of about 344 fixed-dose-combination (FDC) drugs. The move was promptly challenged by the pharma companies in court and in December 2017, the top court asked the Drug Technical Advisory Board (DTAB) to find out whether these drugs may be banned. The DTAB in its report said these FDC drugs do possess health risks and their use is unreasonable , hence the ban with immediate effect.

    The problem is the process to implement this ban. The drugs are quite popular and many stores have a large quantity of them in their stock. In our country there is little regard to health related risks and people also are not much aware of it. Many people rely on medicine stores and if they sale the banned drugs to the customers there will be no complain from them. This ban has to be widely publicized through all the medias and people, especially in villages should be made aware about the use and abuses of drugs.


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    These Fixed dose combination of medicines are a couple or more active drugs thrown together to pack a punch and give good relief. But the typical problem of our country also plagues the Indian Pharma sector. If we have to ban hundreds of combination medicines, why allow them in the first place?

    Now the biggest problems are, the pharma companies will not take it lying low, they will fight hard, the retailers are not going to discard their stocks, the loss of revenue and the jobs in the drug factories will be difficult to handle.
    Last but probably the most important, what to do about the people who are used to these medications. While the bigwigs getaway for sanctioning the drugs, produce and sell these tablets making a profit, the end user, the small pharmacy shops or the doctor in the clinics have to find a way to grapple with the problems.

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    What I am also feeling that when the customers never complained about those famous drugs, what is the necessity for the government to ban them forth with ?
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    Medical science is still in the developing stage and drugs are also undergoing a lot of changes in their doses, chemical contents and other considerations.

    It is very common in the drug industry that due to the long time adverse side effect of some drugs they are withdrawn and new drugs are introduced. This is a perpetual thing going in this field and there is nothing unusual in it.

    If yesterday's combinations are also found harmful in one way or other these are also to be rectified in accordance with the current knowledge in the field of allopathy.

    The drug companies can very well manufacture other admissible combinations. Any combination which is released subsequent to an authentic research work should be available to all the companies to replicate.

    No company has right to change the formulation combinations arbitrarily. In the eyes of law it will be treated as a criminal act.

    It is true there is much chaos and confusion in the drug market but if Govt becomes stern on certain principles and ethics of medical practices then the hue and cry made by the companies in courts of law may not yield any favourable result.

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