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    I feel no ethics in Politics.

    Telugu Desam Party was founded by the Legend NTR. He started this party against the Congress party. He used to criticise the party anywhere and everywhere. He used to lambast the leaders of that party against their selfish attitudes. He won the election, as those times the people in the state were completely vexed with the Congress party. As long as he was there at the party, he never allowed anyone to talk favourably about the Congress party. That was the situation.
    Again Andhra Pradesh lost heavily due to the division of the State and all AP people are against the Congress party even now. In such a situation how the Telugu Desam Party in Telangana can join hands with Congress? How Mr Naidu is allowing this and he is telling that he left it to TDP leaders of Telangana. Do you feel he is right in telling that and the move of TDP is an ethical move? Is it not going to give negative results in AP if these two parties go together in Telangana?
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    It is purely an intra-state affair in which other states have no authority to interfere. In politics, anything is possible. Today's enemy would be a friend tomorrow. and yesterday's friend could be today's enemy. Mr. Naidu cannot dictate terms to CSR. It is the state party's decision to have alliance with a friend or foe.

    Is TDP an all India party? Is there any General Secretary or President for TDP at central level? Like Congress, are there any Sonia Gandhi or Rahul Gandhi to dictate terms to their party?

    @ Surely, there is no ethics in politics. It is a stinking gutter. At times, it get cleaned and perfumed by decent politicians like Anna, MGR and NTR.

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    I think Chandra Babu Naidu made a blunder by making an alliance with Congress in Telangana and most probably in Andhra Pradesh too. TDP was born as Self Pride of Telugu people against Congress party. After this action of Chandra Babu, people will lose hope about politics in Andhra Pradesh. I don't understand how he could not estimate the consequences. In whichever party people are in, they cannot digest the alliance between TDP and Congress. It is true.
    The main problem with Chandra Babu is that whatever he does, he projects it as correct through his media. He will align with BJP and make people believe that he is correct. He will align with Congress and make people believe that he is correct. He will ask for Special Package and make people believe that he is correct. And again, he will ask for Special Category Status and make people believe that he is correct.
    He may be hoping that with most of the Telugu Media in his hand, he will be able to manage the people. But in the era of social media and smart phones, it will be very difficult to convince the people through conventional Media.

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    The only thing which matters most in the Indian politics is the image of a candidate & therefore if we talk of being ethical & non-ethical has got to do with little or of no use.

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    From the author's message, it is clear that Naidu is Mr clean and did not have any alliance with Congress, but he is not questioning CSR for his alliance with Congress in Telangana.

    From your response, I understand that both Naidu and CSR are having alliance with Congress.

    What is the fact?

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    Who is CSR? Where did I mention about CSR in my post? I asked a question whether Babu is correct in leaving the decision of alliance to local leaders? He is the National President of the Party and he is giving powers to take a decision about the alliance with Congress to the local leaders. Is it correct? Telugu Desam party is having two state presidents separately to Telangana and Andhra. Naidu is the National President.
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    I think you are referring KCR (K Chandra Sekhar Rao ) as CSR.
    In the present elections in Telangana, KCR is going alone. TDP and Congress are in alliance. The author's question is when TDP was born against Congress, how can TDP make an alliance with Congress?

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    There is a saying in Telugu that Vinasha kale viparitha buddhi. That means when bad times are coming the way, one tends to do many mistakes out of worst mind. And this aptly holds good to Chandrababu Naidu. First mistake what he done during NTR regime that he illegally out thrown him and occupied the post of CM. Now he made alliance with Congress for the sake of power. What I felt that Congress was zero in TS , and TDP had some respect in people and voters, the party could have tried contesting elections alone and they would have at least got respectable seats. But now total wipe out for sure.
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    All politicians have their own plans. Mr.KCR inorder to overcome the pressure of national politics on the state politics he invited early elections to the State. If Congress wins in Rajasthan, MP and Chattisghar Assembly elections they may become formidable in Assembly elections in TS. So he invited early elections where earlier he opted for both assembly and Parliament elections together. Another issue for him is he want to support Mr.Modi at center but he alligned with MIM party in assembly which is dead against BJP. Where is ethics in politics?

    Mr.Modi deceived Mr.Naidu in Central support to AP after making huge promises during election time. On the other hand Mr.Rahul Gandhi is promising he will give Special status to AP if their government come into power. So there is no option left for him to support opposition parties including Congress.

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    People join politics just to cling to the power. I have heard a phrase long ago from a person in my locality. He said "Politics is a 3rd class game played by the 4th class people". When I became aware of the motives of different political parties, I found how true that phrase is. The particular situation mentioned by the author in this thread is not limited to AP, it is there in many states. During election times every party is interested to be in the fray and make decisions without considering the consequences in the future.

    I remember the same type of happenings in West Bengal before and during the assembly elections in 2011. Ms Mamata Banerjee formed TMC after breaking away from the Congress and always accused Congress of working as a 'B-Team' of CPI(M) in West Bengal. During elections both the Congress and TMC joined hands and defeated the left rule with a huge margin. We have seen the same thing with many different regional parties during LS polls. Many of them declare to be equidistant from Congress and BJP and after election results they change the course according to their own suitability. All the political parties are power hungry and will do anything for their personal gains.


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    That is why people always say there are no permanent friends or foes in politics. But somehow I am not able to digest this decision of Babu. Today we were discussing the same issue in our house and everybody felt that this move is not good either for Congress or TDP.
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    Mr.Naidu played his cards very wisely. There is nothing for him to lose as TRS is unbeatable as of now. This is an experiment by the TDP. If it succeeds in restricting the TRS seats, he may continue with the same strategy in the Andhra Pradesh elections.
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    Even if Chandra Babu Naidu wins or loses in Telangana, it doesn't matter. By making an alliance with Congress, he definitely lost confidence of Andhra Pradesh people. In order to revive itself in Andhra Pradesh, Congress will say that it will give Special Status to Andhra Pradesh similar to what BJP has said earlier in 2014. After coming to power, it will also sing the same songs like Bihar and Odisha are also asking Special Status, why BJP did not give, 14th Finance Commission does not allow, etc. How many times people of Andhra will get deceived? I don't understand why Chandra Babu Naidu is always playing a second fiddle to a National party?

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