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    Trying to find the thin line between a believer and a non-believer!

    Somebody may say I believe in Afterlife, some may say I believe in Astrology, even there are some who say I believe in ghosts. The debate continues to find out whether these are at all justified or not. Many people give different propositions to justify their own logic, but why we believe things? We do not have to believe that sun rises in the east and sets in the west, similarly there is no need to believe that plants have life. What we experience with our senses doesn't evoke us to think whether we believe that or not because we do know it. Now to believe things or not comes into our mind when we are not sure about something. Instead of trying to know things in its entirety we keep on believing and try to impose it on to our close associates. We argue on issues and make it a habit of sticking to the issues that we believe. If we really know something then why we have to believe in it and if we do not know something why we do not try to know things instead of arguing?
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    Seeing is believing. This is the general trend. When we see something, we believe that. But when we hear something we can't completely believe this. That is where are these arguments regarding believing or not believing will come.
    Certain things we may not be able to see but we may believe their existence. We have not seen God. But many people believe the existence of God. But some may not believe. As expressed by the author we can try to understand the issues which we have not seen and then come to an understanding. But simply not believing as you have not seen without thinking about the issue is not justifiable.

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    Being illogical, impractical & being superstitious can simply be referred to the demarcation line between a believer and a non-believer. In other words, any individual who is more confused with no clear idea on the subject with indecisive of being right or wrong. This will continue to be different to different individuals depending on our perceptions & changing scenerio.

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    Believing a thing is completely personal,I agree but non believing cannot be an acceptable one in all cases. We lead our life day by day with beliefs of many kind. We believe the driver of a bus when boarding as he would drive safely lest we do not check his driving licence etc., before boarding a bus. We believe the unknown driver of a train or pilot of a flight. We believe the hotelier before eating an item. If we suspect him, a bit dish will not go into the throat.
    A saint in the Ashram of Shirdi Baba at Pune was asked by a visitor whether he have seen Baba in person. He, the saint replied 'No'. Then the visitor asked how he believed the Baba. The saint asked him as a reply whether he was having seen dogs. He replied that he himself have a dog in his house. The saint replied that," If a dog in some place have seen a thief it started barking and by hearing its barking the dogs of other areas are started barking though the other dogs have not seen the thief. Similar to that my forepersons have seen Baba and wrote about Him and by believing their words we, other people do believe.

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