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    Mr. Mallya reveals he met Mr.Jaitley before he left London

    Liquor don Mr.Mallya categorically stated that he met Mr.Jaitley many times regarding the settlement issue before he left for London. Mr.Subramanya Swamy of BJP has confirmed two undeniable facts-" We have now two undeniable facts on the Mallya escape issue: 1. Look Out Notice was diluted on Oct 24, 2015, from "Block" to "Report" departure enabling Mallya to depart with 54 checked luggage items. 2. Mallya told FM in Central Hall of Parliament that he was leaving for London." From this, we can easily come to an understanding that BJP fully knows the escape of Mr.Mallya to London. Do you agree with Swamy's views?
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    Mr. Subramanyam swamy is an outstanding, bold, courage and straight forward gentleman politician who always tells the fact nothing but the fact. He is a daring politician. We can trust his words for granted. If Mallaiya has met FM in parliament to say good bye to Jaitley, it is to be believed and understood that BJP has its hand on it. One day, the all the cats will come out of the BJP bag.
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    Even Rahul Gandhi says that he got with the proof too but why Vijay Mallya took so long to open-up with this fact. I am surprised about why Rahul Gandhi who kept mum on this topic or he is awaken just now as is the case with him always.

    I don't believe this that the NDA government helped Vijay Mallya earn the loan during NDA regime & then helped him fled the country during NDA regime & then fighting case in some foreign land to get him back into some Indian jail during NDA regime. Is Modi led NDA government has gone senseless? Can the author be pl. come-up with some logic behind all this because I am failed to understand this whole picture?

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    This issue is being debated threadbare even on every electronic media. One thing is sure Vijaya Mallaya has tried for the last minute one time settlement of his dues which he might have asked for down to earth price settlement to which FM would not have agreed. Both had the meeting inside the Parliament and the very next day he flew to London and that is what every media tells. We know Vijaya Mallayas debt has been brought forward from UPA regime and how come FM has the details of such big loan deals from various banks. Nevertheless this is going to be the troublesome news for Modi to deal with.

    K Mohan
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    On 15 th October CBI released a lookout notice stating that if Mr.Mallya try to escape from the country he has to be prvented from escaping and has to be taken into custody. But on 24th November CBI changed the look out notice and again re-issued stating that if Mr.Mallya try to escape has to bring to their notice but his travel should be allowed. On 24th November CBI again changed the look out notice that Mr.Mallya is obeying the conditions of the courts and he should be kept under observation only. Thus the CBI has changed his stance repeatedly according to some external whims through which he escaped the country.

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    These are all predictions. I can predict the way I want and somebody else can predict the way he wanted. I personally feel that either Modi or Jaitley will never go down to such a bad level and help a person to get out of the country. There may be a meeting between Jaitley and Mallya in Parliament and Mallya might have requested for a one-time settlement. But immediately FM can't come out with a solution. The next day he left for London. This is an indication that he tried his last trial but FM didn't agree and that is the reason the next day he left India.
    If really there is something fishy about this, the meeting between these two might have taken place in a secret place and they might have come to an understanding. The thinking depends on the affiliations one had. A day will come when the truth will come out.

    always confident

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    Let us forget about whether Mr. Mallya met the Finance Minister or not. The reasons for the CBI to downgrade the lookout notice and the people behind it are more important. The meeting of Mr. Mallya with the Finance Minister can easily be verified by going through the CCTV footage. This matter needs investigation.
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    How hullah has raised over meeting of FM with Mallaya at the Parliament corridor. I came across images when Mallaya meeting with Communist Leader Raja, Maharastra top leader Sharadh Pawar , does that means some thing was cooking between them. Its all rubbish when some one meets someone and the discussions may be even personal and we cannot draw political influence in each such meetings. Nevertheless the Congress took back seat of their demand on resignation of Arun Jaitely, when BJP started giving evidence of news channel clippings of how former PM Manmohan Singh cleared Kingfisher debts ?
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I do not believe that anyone has helped Mallaya to escape the country. He has left the country in the most usual manner.

    It is the governance and regulations in our systems which decide whether a person can go out or not. Until unless our systems and procedures are strict enough these things will happen again and again.

    There are so many loop holes and alternative ways that one can confidently move out. People like Mallaya are so intelligent that he might have met the top people before leaving the country and had a sweet good bye from all of them. Most of them were knowing that he is leaving the country but no one could stop him. Why? Because we can not take law in our hand and the law enforcing agencies are always have a long and complicated procedure before nabbing the culprits especially the celebrity culprits.

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    Facts do not lie. The Central Bureau of Investigation(CBI) issued a 'Lookout Circular' (LOC) on 16-10-2015, to detain Mr. Mallya if he tries to leave India. The CBI has issued another LOC on 24-11-2015, to inform the CBI if Mr.Mallya tries to leave India. Mr. Mallya should be allowed to leave but the CBI is to be informed. The dilution of the LOC from "Detain" to "Report" allowed Mr. Mallya to leave the country on 02-03-2016. In the meanwhile, he traveled abroad a few times.
    Mr. Subrahmanya Swamy, a Member of Parliament of the BJP party said that the dilution of the LOC was done on the instructions from someone in Finance Ministry. This clearly indicates that Mr. Mallya had some inside help to leave the country.

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    KVRR normally those Industrialist who fund the political parties do have insiders and through them they get the real help. Let us see how far this issue drags on.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    After a long silence, Mr. Mallya made some sensational comment enough to create some turbulence in the politics . What Mr Mallyasays that he had the oppurtunity to meet the FM and had some talks but the nature of the talk and relating to onetime payment does not seem to be justifiable and it appears that he has the malafideintention to tarnish the image of a well reputed minister.
    Supposing that he has his intention to back the entire dues owed by him, the doors are still open and he can act as a responsible citizen by paying off the dues to the Banks and in that way, the health of the Banks can be normalised to some extent.

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    #648354, it's in the news all over but the sad part is that due to lack of political issues with the Congress party President & his followers, the same thing is being repeated again & again & again. By the way your second para goes beyond any justification as it is illogical & unreasoning to expect any return on behalf of the business tycoon, Mr. Mallya. This never happened in the history of the Indian politics that the opposition parties haven't left with any of the major political debates even when the election is very near to us. This in itself is a big achievement of the ruling government led by PM Modi.

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    An eminent lawyer like Mr.Subramanya Swamy of BJP himself is saying through all the track record and undeniable evidences, still many ISC members finding some words to deny the facts is quite astonishing.

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    Meeting between Mallaya and Arun Jaitley takes important because the later one is Finance Minister of India and his party is ruling the country. Hope you aware of it.

    Initially Arun Jaitley denied his meeting with Mallaya before he left India and now he says that he met Mallaya but it is not official. This itself says something.

    Why BJP is not directly answering about the meeting and singing the same song about UPA gave loan to Mallaya. It could be true as well and UPA is out of power because of it. Now the question is not about who gave loan to Mallaya and it is about who helped for his escape.


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    Mr. P.L.Punia, Member of Parliament from the Congress party revealed before the media that Mr.Mallya met the Finance Minister and spoke to him in the Central Hall of parliament in March 2016, days before Mr.Mallya left India and flew to the UK. He said that the meeting lasted for 15 minutes. Mr. Puniya said. "It is my challenge. You can look at CCTV footage and see if I am wrong. If I am wrong, I will resign," Now Mr.Rahul Gandhi alleged that the Prime Minister is behind the escape of Mr.Mallya. Why not make the CCTV footage public and prove that the allegations are false?
    The Prime Minister and Finance Minister need to answer the allegations. The BJP party and its supporters are not answering the allegations and raising irrelevant matters. This clearly shows the desperation of the BJP.

    " Be Good and Do Good "

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