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    Do you love yourself?

    This may seem like a strange query, but there is a thought behind it.

    There are people who go out of their way to be kind and helpful to others. They care so much about the other people in their life or care about their work to the extent that they neglect their own self. They need to understand that it is equally necessary to care about their own self, for themselves. It is imperative to not feel guilty about putting "I" before "Them" or worry constantly about "That responsibility requires my attention" as opposed to "This I have to do first, for myself".

    Have you faced situations like that, where you do need to consider loving yourself first before loving others?
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    A good thought from the Managing Editor.
    If I love myself and don't love and care for others, I will be branded as selfish.
    If I don't love myself, but love and care others, I will be branded as generous, broadminded,great etc etc.
    One has to care himself or herself first, despite any branding by others, and should be healthy and wealthy to help others.

    In Tamil, there is a good saying "Thanakku minjiyathuthaan Thaanam'. means - What you have excess to your requirement should be your donation or gift to others. Same thing is applicable to love too. Love yourself first, and share your love with others.

    I love myself, my name, my family and all my possessions. If I cannot love and care me and my family, what is the use of caring others?

    How I love myself need not be known to others.

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    Yes loving self is the must and that would pave for our accomplishments to future requirements so that we need not depend on others. It may be selfish attitude for others, but looking after self and getting things done is the good attitude , after all no one is going to ask about us and our wants. Most of the elders would fall in this bracket. That is why they would venture out for their own work, wont depend on others and get the things done, no matter it takes time and cumbersome to their movement and life. And for many the attitude of elders attending their own work does not liked and they get irked too. When I asked one of the elder as to why he has to do so many works when his children can do him a favor by sitting on his easy chair. For that he gave a nice reply. "As long as my hands, and legs are working , let me attend to my works without disturbing others " Good thought.
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    Humans are by nature selfish and this is a dominant trait in them. They can not think of others. Throughout their lives they only worry for their selves.

    There are some rare people who help others and think for the betterment of society. Their life is for doing good deeds to benefit others. They donate to the needy and always think about the welfare of the destitutes. This is a uncommon trait and those who possess it are ultimately seen with respect in the society.

    Loving others before you love yourself is an unusual trait and very few people have this wonderful attribute in life.

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    If the individual is not well, he can't do anything. When we travel in flight, in the safety features they advise the travellers to wear oxygen mask first by the self and then help others.This will hold good in many cases. So everyone should take are of self and then go for helping others. But there are some people who take interest in Social work than their self interest. Such people will be very rare.
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    The living a life is an art & not every one of us is aware of it. We got our own perceptions which has been developed through a period of time & the same we evident of in our decisions & reactions which we make in our routine life. On those developed perceptions, we see few of the very interesting facts that one individual although having lesser resources but still managing the life well & is happy but on the other hand one another individual, although having better resources but habitually very negative & always looked sad & disappointed. What the author has emphasized in here is what is most required but because of the circumstances we most likely to bend down to others & this remained to most of our life.

    For me, while the time we are still growing is the most important phase of our life as what we do during this time gets its reflections in the later part of our lives.

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    Self love is not selfishness. I think both are different. I love myself but not at the cost of others. My love towards my wife, children, etc.are not getting reduced because of my self loving.
    I love my wife, children and others, since I find, only through that I can have a happy life, which I need because I am self loving. I work hard and earn money to see that my family leads a good life and I earn a status in the society. This thinking is because I love my self.
    All these show that loving myself is leading to loving others.


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    Loving yourself, I think, is very important. One tends to carry a positive attitude if he loves himself. Loving yourself does not mean that you are not ready for compromises but such compromises should not be at your cost. There may be instances where you go overboard and risk your time, effort or life for the sake of others but there is a hidden love for your character and identity even then. Love for self can never be said to be a negative trait unless you do something for the same at the cost of others. One can love others and have a feeling for others only if you love yourself. Being in love is cherishing every moment and so, love yourself and spread that positivity among others.
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    There is another aspect of loving yourself. There are people who are way too conscious of how they look and dress, often comparing themselves to others. For example, they think they have ugly features such as large ears or thick eyebrows or feel that a particular type of dress is unseemly on them but looks gorgeous on a friend. Yet others hate being too thin or too fat. There are those, too, who dislike their voice! Accept who you are, as you are.

    The worst part is the trend of cosmetic manufacturing companies bringing out so-called fairness creams and of soap and cream brands launching skin-softening/brightening products. These incite people to attempt to change their complexions and, in a way, not love themselves as they are.

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    While pondering the question of loving oneself, a thought occurred to me whether we would start hating ourselves if we feel (experience) that others do not love or like us. It might be a negative feeling but I think we do entertain such thoughts at least sometimes.
    'Any fool can know. The point is to understand."- Albert Einstein

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