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    The developmental work in villages are not progressing as intended. They remain mostly neglected.

    They stay far away from the maddening crowd. Their day starts at the crack of dawn, their food habits are simple and there is simplicity in their attitude. They will innocently laugh at you to explain simple things. They call themselves uneducated, poor and uncultured compared to us, yet they all are much happier. Their children play in the open field, bathe in the pond, climb the trees to pluck fruits and always found in a group enjoying among themselves. I am talking of those people who stay in villages. Their character is almost same everywhere, but they remain neglected in many spheres. Their main source of income is from agriculture and handicrafts; they are eager to learn new things but a little scared to come to the cities. To them, their underdevelopment in every sector is the main hindrance to adapt to the culture of the city.

    It is quite logical and if we take a look at the villages we will understand the deficiency. Although around 68% people, the majority of the population, stay in villages but their condition, in terms of basic needs is not so pleasant. Due to their simplicity they are easily cheated and are dominated by local heads. It seems the development of the villages are not progressing as intended earlier. Is it because of a lack of initiative from the part of the government or there are some other issues?
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    In democracy if we are not electing the right performing persons either as Sarpanch, Corporator, MLA or MP , we bound to see nil or no development. As far as MP, MLA are concerned the central and state governments are giving them local area development fund which is intended to give push for what ever development which is urgently required from village level to the city level. But our so called Sarpanch are not active nor the opposition parties in the villages do ask for development and thus the villages remain neglected for years and when the election season comes all kinds of dramas are enacted by leaders in the villages as if they are saviors of that place. What I say that village people must know their rights and use their voting rights in productive way so that in future if any body neglects them, they take up the issue with MLA and MP and in fact the PM directly.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    It is true that villages are in the backseat today and no one wants to stay in the villages. Teachers do not want to go there, doctors do not want to go there and even the young educated villagers do not want to stay there.

    It is definitely an alarming state that no one wants to live there except the ones who have no alternative.

    It clear shows that the Govt machinery could not do anything in this direction. Our efforts for development of villages could not see the light of the day. They are still lacking the primary stimuli for growth and development.

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    As mentioned by Mohan the development of the villages depend on the local leaders. If they are sincere and really wants to serve they public they can do good. In our native place in Andhra Pradesh, the Surpunch is very sincere. He developed the village on all fronts and it is no way less than a town. All roads are cemented. Drainage is underground and roads are very neat. Everyday people will come collect waste from houses. All the streets are provided with lights. High school is functioning well. The people in the village are very happy. WiFi and mobile phones are very active. Almost all the people are having WiFi.
    If really the leaders of the villages are interested in the development, there is no problem of funds. This is what the Village Surpunch told. He was awarded best surpunch award by the State Government. But in many villages the leaders are not very sincere and we will not see much development in these areas.

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    I rather take it as a satirical approach to the today's political wisdom who still got with the big comments & promises to every spheres of the social strata. In few of the comments I don't agree with the author too. For example, "They stay far away from the maddening crowd", because the crowd is now everywhere although lesser in comparison but they are all restless with the medium & small retailers have occupied in almost all the corners of a colony with more duplexes coming up with varied costs & facilities, the crowd is growing everywhere. Is it the case that, "They call themselves uneducated, poor and uncultured compared to us", I don't feel so because the same mindset also occupies in the big cities & towns as well.

    For me the major differences lies in the parallel growth & development in the different regions of this country which never been the case & therefore few of the areas remained backward in comparison to the others. The time is changing & at a rapid pace & therefore you wouldn't find anything which is not available even to the remotest corners of this country. The transportation has improved a lot & we can easily be evident of the workers moving from one point to another. The main part is our mentality & this needs some real & proper servicing with the updated facts & figures. And simultaneously we need to change our perceptions too.

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