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    Have you heard of Bulletproof Coffee?

    Bulletproof coffee has been around for a few years now and is touted as a 'high-performance" brew that gives an instant boost of energy and improves the functioning of the brain.

    People around the world begin their day with this drink.

    So, what is so special about this coffee? It is made from freshly brewed coffee beans, Brain Octane Oil (MCT – medium-chain triglycerides present in coconut oil and ghee or butter. No sugar, no milk. So, it is coffee, coconut oil, water and ghee or butter.

    I have tried it, and it is quite delicious. It tastes better with butter than with ghee. Will you give the bulletproof coffee a try?
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    To be frank, I am hearing this for the first time. I have not come across such an item in any coffee shop that I visit. May be it is available in some exclusive/ executive outlets in this part of the country, but I am not aware. Given the variety in the making process and the taste, I would surely like to give it a try. Is it known by the same name everywhere?
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    I had it in the UK; though I'm not aware if stores are selling it in India. People generally make it at home. When I heard of the ingredients I thought it would be gross, but I quite liked it. I often brew a cup for myself.
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    I am a ardent coffee lover and drinker and every morning starts with strong filter coffee but never came across the so called Bullet proof coffee and this is new information to me.
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    Im not very fond of coffee. But the menu designed by Baristas are amazing. Because people around the world use different slang words for commodity, I think the bullet proof coffee in India must be called something else. Im not really sure but many people online have customized the coffee that you talk about.
    Butter is known for its anti inflamatory properties. When I accidentally burn my tongue, I lick butter or ghee to heal quickly. But on further reading I understood that butter acts more of an inhibitor than a healer. It shuts off few pain receptors in the injured path, that's all. Coconut oil is well known for its health benefits. It would give you the nutrition you need.
    This coffee is more like a meal.

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    This is a new thing to me. An unusual type of combination.

    Anyway, I like coffee so I will be giving it a try.

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    I like coffee but haven't heard of the Bulletproof one. The ingredients of this variety and the health benefits are awesome as described in the thread. Though I am not much fond of ghee /butter, but would definitely like to taste it since I like the main ingredient - the coffee.

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    I love coffee. Every day morning I will take a strong coffee. When I go out also I prefer having coffee over tea. But I never heard of Bullet Proof Coffee. I will try to taste if it is available outside.
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    So, how many of you have tried the bulletproof coffee?

    There are different versions of it – there's a bulletproof turmeric latte and a bulletproof coffee egg latte.

    Aditya, it goes by the same name in India too.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak." -Michael Garrett Marino

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    I have not heard it. We can try it and find out whether flavour is good or not.

    Sometimes some flavours do not go well with some people and then such recipes do not spread among masses like the ones which are mostly accepted by people in first go.

    When I ate Idli for the first time (about 52 years back!), I did not relish it due to its slight sour taste but now I eat it regularly and like it much.

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