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    Is money everything in this world?

    There are many people who are after earning money with great zeal and vigour. They feel that money is the everything and more they accumulate, more the happier they will be.

    On the other hand there are people who earn but are not mad after money. They are the contended lot and have a balance in life. They do hard work but they know where to stop.

    What would you prefer - to earn a lot of money or to have a balanced life. Is the money everything in this world or there are some other important considerations?
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    Well money has been playing important role in every ones life and for many earning is the only goal whether they get balanced life and they are being discarded in the society. What I feel if one earns a respectable income which should suffice his daily needs and other requirements of his family members , that is enough. But in our life there are some sudden expenditure to which we would not have expected and provisions not made. In that case coping up with extra money wants would be difficult. But nevertheless people would be ready to help those who are honest and has the genuine expenses.
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    No. money is not everything in this world but is the most essential thing for a living & for any kind of relationship in this materialistic world & there is in no way that we can deny of this fact. Although the moderate view can well be suited to this context but again terms & conditions apply.

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    Everyone's sense of happiness differs. I may feel content with a 9-5 job and the pay cheque at the end of each month. Someone else may strive for a better deal. Their aspirations and hope in life may be greater than mine.

    As long as the methods are legal, there is nothing morally wrong in wanting to make a lot of money. People may want to make more money to give their children a better more secure future. What can be wrong with that? It is all about priorities and more importantly opportunities. Few would refuse the chance to make an extra buck. And those who are happy with what they earn may not have the opportunities or the skills to make more money.

    I don't understand the connection between "…earn a lot of money or to have a balanced life". How do we surmise that those satisfied with the money they make lead a more "balanced life" than those who work with more "zeal and vigour"?

    We tend to assume the worst of those who do not fit within our bracket. The truth may be very different from how we perceive it. This mental image of how people should lead their lives forces our perceptions of others. A salaried class person may have more struggles and not actually be leading a balanced life. They could be faced with problems because of lack of funds. Their family life could be adversely impacted by it.

    And everyone creates their own work-life balance. There is no standard formula that is to be followed.

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    The attitude differs from person to person. As long as the person is not going for any illegal acts, there is nothing wrong in trying to earn more. A person who is having some Crores of money need not sit idle. By using that money he can do some business in which he can provide some ways for some people to earn their livelihood. In this process he may be also making some money. In this entire operation some people, the government and the person doing the business will get benefitted.

    A person earning money can also have a balanced life. But definitely priorities will change. You may like to spend more time with family. But some another person may like to spend more time in his work. It is individual's priority and wish.

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    It is a peculiar question but it is also a fact that money is very important in our life though it can not get us everything.

    As far as materialistic things are considered, money can be used to get them. At the same time the mental peace, calmness of character and happiness can not be attained merely with money.

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