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    There is an emotion attached to the announcement of bonanza

    The cash strapped West Bengal government is at it again, giving out a bonanza of around Rs. 28 crore to the Durga Puja organizers throughout the state. No doubt, Durga Puja is the mother of all festivals and celebrated widely with all the fervor in this state. Bengalis all over the world wait for this particular time and whenever they get a chance, they rush to the state to take part in the celebrations. Many artisans showcase their skills during the Durga Puja by making breathtaking pandals and idols and everybody can understand the emotions attached to the celebrations.

    When there is a cash crunch, there is no point in being emotional while running the state. The total debt of the state is almost double now compared to the time when TMC took the reins of the state. Most of the tax revenues collected from this state is spent for repayment of loans and whenever any discussion on the financial situation of this state takes place, the state government puts the blame on the erstwhile left front government for the debt trap. The firmness in decision making process is expected from the head of a state and playing with the emotions to gain popularity must be avoided at this juncture.
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    For the government to survive and get good name among the people , they have to take some decisions in favor and may be this one on that line. Durga pooja is being celebrated on the grand sale and government has the duty to contribute, otherwise it wont augur well. Though state may not be doing well, some emergency funds would also be there to meet out contingencies and this is spent on that line. Nevertheless, the organizations, mandaps are being set up through private funds, what the government spending would for the basic requirements like roads, civic amenities and the power requirements.
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    This is surely a vote bank politics to lure the voters by giving such bonanzas for celebrations. Government should not involve in religious festivals. Government should spend the money for constructive purposes, not for entertainment and joy. The fund should be collected from the public and celebrated.
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    You are thinking that 28 Crores for Durga Poona is high. But KCR in Telangana sanctioned 100 Crores for the State festival called Batakamma Panduranga. Some additional Crores were also given to distribute sarees to ladies for the same festival. Many complaints raised about that Saree saying that they were very inferior quality but government purchased them at a very high cost.
    These days such issues are more common. They want some votes to get casted for them by doing these things. Every political party is carrying out such acts. These are all the methods to gain popularity by spending the hard earned money of tax payers.
    Telangana is having surplus money. But KCR has taken many loans and increased the debts of the State. But unfortunately the people will see what they are getting free of cost only. This character of the voters is being exploited by the politicians.

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