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    I request all the members to devise ways to stop misuse of ISC

    I am noticing many unwanted promotional threads in ISC. Since I am a new member, I do not know whether this trend existed earlier too. New persons are registering in ISC and posting promotional matters. The threads are deleted by the editors whenever they are noticing it and few members are alerting us too with their replies that it is a spam. There are clear guidelines for posting in forums and from the promotional threads it is understood that people are misusing this section. There is a tendency among people to misuse things and it is applicable everywhere. The editors also must be thinking of ways to stop this misuse. I remember, few weeks earlier, during late night, there was a number of spam threads posted which is really annoying. I request the members of ISC to devise ways that they feel might help to stop misusing this platform.
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    It's not possible to detect any such happenings in an instance because you never know what others are having in their mind & in what intensity. It's only after publishing of the content that these matters can be identified & resolved by taking the required actions which the ISC team is already taking care of. For the rest, the members here are quite mature to differentiate the spam or the promotional submissions & can better if we able to identify & ignore all of them. As a precaution, the experienced members can go ahead with their comments so that the members who posted with such postings can generate some understanding with the forum guidelines.

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    Spam messages and misuse of ISC has been happening in the past and present too. Senior members wont give credence to such threads and they die on their own too if not deleted by editors.
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    It is not possible to stop a new member posting such promotional messages. They may not be aware of ISC working, and may not know what to post and what not to post. It is the editors and members who should advise the members to refrain from posting such promotional messages. If they continue to do so, they should be barred from ISC.
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    By the way , we may at the most advise the new members to desist from posting promotional messages. But again our advise are limited and under the ambit of site guidelines.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The present approach by ISC is practical and serves the purpose. Registration is free at ISC. Anyone with an email address can create a username and password. Most of the members are with good intentions.
    At times we get people registering for the sole purpose of marketing or commercial or even dubious service related advert details.
    This is picked by regular members or the forum editors and locked soon. So, I think we are fine, only another point in my mind is most websites have spam filters, whether ISC has it?

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    ISC is a totally educational and knowledge sharing platform and there is no scope for promotional or advertisement type of thing here.

    Anyway the members are well aware of this fact and we either ignore such threads or discourage them by writing frankly about it.

    So to that extent there is no problem in handling such unwanted contributions.

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    Sometimes with an intention of promoting their business, some new members are doing it. But the regular members never try to do similar sort of issues. The regular members make an alert to such member not to post such posts. The editors are deleting the threads/ I think this a good system and will be continued. I think there is no better way than this.
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