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    Your reaction when the title doesn’t correlate with the subject matter!

    Not always but at least during few of the occasions, you might feel irritated and even may get angry sometimes when you get a different impression from the title of the page or of the discussion but when you go to the main body there is little or no correlation between the two. My question is, what goes on in an instance in your mind when we come across such threads? For me, the best way is to go ahead with the best possible reply but never to make any criticism or demean the individual in question.
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    Normally members are intelligent enough and wont waste our time with different heading and the content being something else. If one or two threads appear that can be taken easy and move on.
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    This is called "clickbaiting". Imagine the title said "Ghost caught live (really scary)". So you watched it for thrill and found that its a cheaply staged hoax. This phenomenon is popularly called Clickbaiting. It's a leading issue in entertainment industry and there is no way to eliminate it. Titles are made to attract viewers. We see clickbaits everywhere, even in ISC sometimes.
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    There are few instances when the title is made catchy to attract the readers. This happens in newspapers, electronic medias and in different advertisements. When you are reading something that has a subject matter, not related to it's title, it's clearly understood that the title is created just to draw the attention to read about the topic. Generally if the topic is not so serious, then the reader will not complain much, but if the title is spreading misinformation or confuse people then it's a serious issue.

    In WB, there are few regional newspapers expert in creating confusing headlines to attract customers. In many cases those headlines and the subject matters differ which is really irritating.


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    The title is very brief. At times, the author may not be able to put it up in right words in the title. We should read and understand the text and respond. According to me, the title should be very interesting with some suspense or surprise behind it, to draw the attention of the browser.
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    In this regard I want to bring one humor which was shared by my father. When he was young, there was a English film released called "Samson and Danila " and which was translated to Tamil as "Sambasivanum Sasililavum" that made entire difference.
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    A nice point to ponder. Some replies are confusing and generalizing the mismatch of content and title.

    This often happens in the print media, news channel headlines and even movie titles. The sole intention of having curious/provocative statements or headlines is to draw the netizens' eye and attention.

    With respect to the ISC threads, this happens every now and then. Earlier, I used to make suggestions. The mismatch would not be intentional, the member would have a concept in mind and while giving the concept a shape and putting it in words, such errors of title and content creep up.

    I would disagree with you, If you feel something is not correct, there is little point in being nice. Be proactive and suggest corrections, but with a degree of fairness and neutral language, never get personal.

    I would expect this because constructive criticism is the best feedback in any aspect that will help us to improve, this perfectly applies to forum threads and the contents.

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    The author has brought out a very subtle issue nicely in this thread.

    Yes, it happens many times when the title does not corroborate with the thread and the responding member is slightly embarrassed and is inclined to make a comment on that. It is a natural reaction.

    As far as possible the writers keep this thing in mind but sometimes due to hurry or confusive state of mind such errors slip in the threads.

    As a responding member I usually ignore the title in such cases and just go by the merit of the text in the thread and if it is all right just go by that theme.

    In the creative world sometimes we have to take these things sportingly and go ahead with the main theme.

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    Sometimes this happens. As far as I am concerned I will try to go with the content and whatever little knowledge I have on that subject I will try to place it in my own words. I may not give any suggestion to the author. But after seeing all the responses the author may understand the issue and try not to do the same mistake again.
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    I am of the opinion that if an author cannot post a content that is related to the title, he should not endeavor to do so. I don't think anyone will think about a title first and the content later; if one does so, I would say that it is not a good practice. What Aditya said about click-baiting may be a normal practice but the question is whether it is acceptable. The intention of an author while penning down his thoughts or ideas must be to encourage a reader to get back to his posts simply by seeing his name. And for that, one should be able to conceive ideas and reproduce them beautifully and meaningfully. Giving a misleading title and writing something not connected reflects badly on a writer. It is just a matter of some effort and a few extra moments; so why not?

    I, as an author, would not mind a constructive criticism in case I make such a mistake. If a member points out that the title and contents of a thread do not match and substantiates his stand with valid points in a decent and encouraging manner, I think we must take time to analyze and correct ourselves instead of feeling bad or humiliated. After all, we are all here to learn and improve.

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