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    Do you feel that unlimited internet to your doorstep don’t have any negative side?

    This could be an interesting for us to list few of the dangerous sides of the 24*7 availability of the internet facility. Although for many of us our perceptions wouldn't match & would differ favoring this as an essential ingredients for our life but is this so much required that we can't even imagine for being staying without it? So far I haven't figured it out as to how this got any side effect except for one thing that we might be losing our interest with the internet sooner or later but at the same time may be the other members may come-up with some interesting facts onto this.
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    No doubt the importance of internet and its connectivity is growing and even if it is offered for free the whole 24 hours, those who were not addicted would used the same sparingly and others would certainly use with full potential. What I feel that anything which is provided bountiful would loose its interest sooner or later. And over usage of internet is harmful to health, sleep disorder and eyes. It all depends on the user as to how they take it. For students, they can use the same with group messages on studies interaction on each subject and thus they can used unlimited internet productively.
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    Any issue will have positives and negatives. It is the individual who has to take a call and see he is best utilising the facilityfor his prosperity. A scooter will be useful for attending the works fast and multiple works. If somebody wastes this facility by abusing the facility and gets hurt, we can't blame the scooter. It is the fault of the person who is using that. The same way there are many advantages with internet 24X7. The persons who are having this facility should use it properly.
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