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    How much would you rate Patanjali products?

    Suppose that if you have to rate the Patanjali products from 1 to 10 for "1" being of the lesser performed quality & "10" being the most quality products available in the market. So far the Patanjali products are performing well with Milk yet another product line in their FMCG section introduced recently.

    Are the members using the Patanjali products, then what's their experience so far & would they be referring its products to in their circle & what's you rating so far?
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    So far I have used Pattanjali Atta, Biscuits, detergent soap and tooth paste. Except for toothpaste Dant Kanthi I could not find any vast difference between other products but pricing is cheap. Biscuits are not good except the jeera biscuits. And Atta quality is not liked by me. But detergent soap is good without giving any irritation to the hands. This feedback is from the house holds. And too many dealers also spoil the product as they try to play down the price. For the initial user, the product may be fetching, but for regular user to whom the quality matters, they would switch to other products which was used earlier.
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    Patanjali products are as good as any other reputed company products in India.

    Of course, we do not have any idea about the cleanliness and huygiene observed by Patanjali versus other companies but as Patanjali is also outsourcing many of its products from outside, we can very well assume that those conditions might be similar.

    So in nutshell, Patanjali products are in general neither superior nor inferior to others. However individual items can be compared separately and there may be minor differences.

    So I also do not see any merit in giving it a score on 1 to 10 scale.

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    Patanjali being just another brand name, why should we make the effort to rate their products separately. I don't use any of their products but am aware of most of them due to a large number of advertisements they place on various platforms. As said by Umesh, almost all of their products are outsourced while they claim differently, which itself, I feel, is a demerit.
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    When we are talking about the quality of products, especially food materials, it means whether the product conforms to certain standards related to hygiene, cleanliness, use of standard ingredients, etc. We have a quality control department in our country and there are instances when doubts were raised about their watchfulness while dealing with few products. Here I would like to mention about a particular product and it's health benefits. Most of the doctors advise children not to have Maggi or instant noodles because of the hazardous ingredients added to the instant masala mix. Patanjali also have Atta Noodles that has the instant masala mix inside the packet. I am not questioning about their quality, but haven't heard either that doctors are advising children to have Patanjali Atta Noodles instead of Maggi or other similar products.

    We use few Patanjali products at our home like dishwasher bar, detergents, few biscuits and soap. I found them good and a little cheap, but cannot say anything about the quality of the ingredients used in them.


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    I do not know why I don't like Patanjali products. May be because of Mr. Ramdev who is the boss of Patanjali who went on a fast against corruption, and ran away from the fasting site. Psychologically, I don't wish to taste and Patanjali products.
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    We got some mixed reactions here but unlike other MNC's the Patanjali products will somehow guarantee the money being spent on its products will move to benefits our country more which in otherwise cases not possible because taking instance of the HUL who also outsources their products from the local vendors throughout India but the major part of the profit margin goes out of the country.

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    I have never used a Patanjali product and I do not think I ever will. The company's products were removed (read banned) from the CSD canteens because they were found unfit for consumption. There have also been media reports on Patanjali products failing quality test.

    I am loyal to the brands I use and prefer to stick to the tried and tested products. I do not want to try something new and regret having spent my money on it if the quality does not suit my taste.

    In any case, I do not use most of the products manufactured by the brand.

    Proctor & Gamble, for instance, promotes education. The company donates a certain amount from the sale of each of its prodcuts. I am actively involved in the cause and the good work that is being done, by the company.

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    Some of the Patanjali products failed the quality tests. In June last year, Nepal's Drug Administration said six Patanjali medical products had failed quality tests and found to be substandard during inspections at various outlets and tests on specimens. The Canteen Stores Department (CSD), of the armed forces, suspended the sale of a batch of Patanjali Ayurved's amla juice after it failed to clear a laboratory test. A court in Haridwar fined Rs 11 lakh for misbranding and putting up misleading advertisements of the Patanjali products. The growth of the Patanjali products is mainly due to sentimental reasons than the quality.
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    Now there is a news that Patanjali are going to supply cow milk and also have their own brand of shoes and chappals on the lines of Bata. So what they are up to ?
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    Baba Ramdev products especially the Ayurvedic medicines during the year 2008 - 2009 were reasonably cheap and produced the satisfying results. The popularity of Medha - Vati, Madhunasini - Vati, Medohar - Vati etc soared high and unusual Rush was found in the Patanjali - stores to avail such products. The Vaidyas trained by the Patanjali offered free consultations to promote the products of Patanjali.
    I think those years were the golden years registering an whopping sales of Patanjali Honey and even it surpassed the sales of their Honey trailing the product of Dabur and Baidya Nath.
    The trend could not be seen with the advent of new variants such as Atta, Ghee, Besan, Dal etc since the customers registered complaint regarding the bad quality and taste.
    Since, the products are outsourced, a quality - check of the products would ensure contaminant - free products. This would be essential keeping in view of large volume of sales of the products.

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