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    Will burn outs happen much faster now?

    Around fifteen years ago, there was this talk about "burn out" likely to happen to youngsters who would slog it out for more than fourteen hours per day in the IT industry.

    Of late, we do see such trends in the manufacturing industry too. There is a huge amount of contract labor and this is not helping those in regular production roles. Their outputs have to be very fast, they cannot do everything at the same time. However, multi-tasking is the name of the word and they are put to horrible tension throughout their day.

    The IT sector is also going through a metamorphosis. How do we ensure that this younger generation is not put to too much hardship and the inevitable burnout? How can we ensure that their health and well being is taken care of, even when they are part of the rat race, from which they do not have any escape?
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    The competition in every place is very high. You have to perform otherwise you will persish. Such is the situation. Either it is IT Industry or manufacturing industry the same is the case. That is why the younger generation is struggling. By increasing the number of employees, we can brings down this. But the burden on Organisation will be high. A balancing is required. Definitely Organisation may cut down the salaries if they increase the staff. This move may not be acceptable to staff. This is where all the problems are getting initiated.
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    The salary offered in any Industries is more and there is constant demand to increase the salary of existing employees too in every year. So the management has to brace up the out put performance from each employ. Unless and until it cannot churn out at least 50 percent of their potential, the company cannot pay their wanted salaries. In manufacturing sectors the targets are fixed and hiked every year. Whether the marketing capacity of the product manufactured by the company is increased or not, the companies want to hike their production and keep the products as buffer stock for future.
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    There is always unforeseen fluctuation fluctuations in the manufacturing- sector and even going through the demand of last 5 years, we fail to predict the actual demand of the current year. The demand may drop all of sudden and if such trend continues for a year or two, confusion will prevail to judge the actual consumption of the future years. The man - power cannot be awarded suitable incentives for their honest dedication but rather uncertainty will loom large over the patten of consumption.
    The enthusiastic employees are not sure of the market sentiments and any reversal in the production trend of the manufacturing- sector may demoralise their sentiment and sometimes it may happen that they are offered pink - slip because of market behaviour.
    We are witnessing such cycle continiously in almost all the manufacturing sectors such as Alumunium, Copper, Zinc and Steel etc.
    Going through by the salary - pattern, appearing lucrative at any moment is not indicative of their true earnings since they may be fired all of sudden because of bleak demand.

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    Working for long hours without proper rest is taking a toll on the health of today's youngsters. The anxiety of performing faster and in a better way is compounding the problem. This is leading to depression which is a real cause of worry throughout the world. In European countries there is a a concept of flexitime, where the worker can alter the time of work. It is not like a scheduled time job and workers can choose a specific time within the stipulated working hours of the company. Research has shown that this flexitime jobs has certain advantages like, increased productivity and performance , the work-life balance, increase in recruitment, etc. I think, the option of flexible working hours will be a good proposition to reduce burn outs.

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