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    Should the present trend of makeovers be encouraged?

    A pathetic trend is noticed among girl children as young as twelve. Going totally against the advice of their mothers and other elders to rather stick to the traditional, and natural ways of keeping themselves fresh, they are already into using a huge number of chemical-based creams, which seems to be making things worse. The pimples do not seem to go anyway. The Siddha and ayurvedic medicines are now available and they are doing a better job but the girls seem to be very interested only in makeup.

    Of late, the boys have also started experimenting with the worst and most outrageous hairstyles and makeup, once again, the most harmful chemicals are freely used.

    Keeping the generation gap aside, how to make the younger generation realize?
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    Once the experience the problem, they will understand the seriousness of the issue. Till such time, the more we say no, the more they use it. Once they experience the problem, they will propagate the bad quality of the subjects involved. Experience is the best teacher, I say. Instead of worrying about their behavior we should encourage so that they will stop as early as possible.
    Many times in many houses the arguments between the elders and youngsters will be going on on this subject. I always say to the aged people to keep mum so that the young people will understand the problem a little later. I have many such live examples where the people they themselves understood the problem and changed their attitude. once they understand the problem, they will stop permanently.

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    Fashion and latest fads are having a big impact on children as well as the young people. They simply and blindly follow it without understanding the harmful effects of chemicals used in cosmetic industry.

    Even some of the adults are bitten with this fashion bug so much that they want to look prettier at any cost. The excessive use of these cosmetics is completely masking their natural beauty and in many cases they are looking shabbier rather then looking beautiful.

    It is an unfortunate thing but it is happening in our society.

    Knowledge is power.

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    This is really a serious matter that the younger generation is using these cosmetic materials left and right for short time praise and applause.

    The parents must observe this trend and restrict it within limits otherwise it will be harmful for the tender skin of these youngsters.

    Prevention is better than cure and we must discourage these artificial beauty enhancers in our children.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    I think this fixation of what others are doing or what is going on in their lives is not intrinsically good.

    Individuals dress according to their taste. We may not like it, but who are we to judge them and call it a bad trend? Same goes for cosmetics. Those who use cosmetics are pleased with the results. Cosmetics might make them feel good, raise their self-esteem. We should not force our sense of 'beauty' on others. It is time we learn to respect the choices others make. Makeup or dressing - they are not doing it for us, so why should we be concerned?

    As long as their choices have no adverse effect on society, as a whole, what others do to themselves, should not be our concern. We should not even be discussing hairstyles or excessive use of cosmetics and label youngsters. Who are we to take this high moral ground, anyway?

    Let the young make their choices – their parents are there to advise them. Let's learn to take the chill pill. It is not our business to interfere and decide what's good for others.

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    The present generation has their own lifestyle. They have their own tastes, likes and dislikes. What we feel good for them may not be liked by them. It is better to have their own choice of cosmetics or dresses. They do listen to their parents if it makes sense to them. Better not to force our choice on them. If the use of some cheap cosmetics is not good for their skin, the mother can advise on the alternatives. The younger generation at any time wants the acceptance of the peer group more than anything else.
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    I think the girls are largely influenced by their fellow citizens and also the take cue from others as regards to latest hair style. make overs and so on. They wont listen to mother or elders as they are really impressed by their friends and their fashion statement. Once the girl reaches the 10th class she has the liking to get noticed by opposite sex and thus the urge to look better overtakes everything and they want to portray as goods as than every other girl. From the hair styles, make over things, various kinds of creams, apparels and footwear. And above all fashion jewels and hand bags are most sought after.
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