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    Some success this, for the green brigade!!

    Environmental awareness is increasing day after day. I was stumped by what I saw in a school recently. All students had pens made out of wood and paper. The pens were really very good and I was told that they retail for just rupees ten apiece.

    Of course, these ball pens were basic and functional. The school encouraged only the tenth standard children to use the same. The reasoning was that their handwriting might be spoiled if they do not use the fountain pen,in lower classes. Here too, I was told that the gel pens are making deep inroads.

    I was not too sure if these pens could be manufactured on a mass scale. The normal pens have added to the environmental mess, as the use and throw pens also contribute to the plastic menace.

    Why not encourage these green efforts? What about exemption from GST for all such products?
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    Nice post from the author for stressing the use of fountain pens from the young age and get rid of plastic made throw away pens. But what I feel that when a student who was either too writing with pencil cannot have hold and be neat with fountain pen as a pencil habituated student is always in the touch with eraser to make mistake and correct. The same cannot happen with fountain pen. The ink which comes out would make a impressive writing and over writing is the only way to correct the mistake and we cannot rub. Nevertheless the suggestion was good and worth to be implemented.
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    What a nice effort at school levels. These small green efforts are really praise worthy.

    If all of us take such small steps in our life then we can definitely progress in the area of keeping our environment clean and tidy.

    There are many disposable plastic items which we are using in our daily life and we can think of replacing them with paper or cloth or other environment friendly materials.

    Only a large scale collective will and efforts can make these green initiatives to help us to reduce the pollution in environment.

    Knowledge is power.

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    It is good and we should appreciate the initiative by the school. But my genuine doubt is, when people has to go for wood pens, where from wood will come. Is it not going to harm the trees again. I don't know. Paper and wood will finally come to trees only.
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    Well, the use of plastic is creating a mess for the environment and lots of initiatives are taken by government and NGOs to create awareness among people to stop the misuse of plastics. But I didn't find any green initiative in the thread where it is mentioned that wooden and paper pens are used in place of plastic varieties. From where these woods and papers come from? Mass awareness is created to stop unnecessary use of paper and we must restrict the use of woods too to save trees.

    Yes, reduction in GST rates or totally exempting GST for environment friendly products is always a welcome step and hope will be widely supported.


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