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    Being introvert does not mean being antisocial.

    People often think of an introvert person to be antisocial or socially awkward. This can't be said to be a complete truth although to some extent they may be socially awkward, still, they are socially adaptive when it comes to a small group of which they are part of.

    They think much before speaking. It's not that they can't take initiative, it's just that they think a lot before taking the initiative.

    What is your opinion about an introvert person? Do share if you or some people around you are/were introverts in life.
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    There are many people among us who are introvert and that does not mean that they are less intelligent and less knowledgeable. Not every one were accustomed to mingle with the society and move on. Some have the feeling of shyness and they cannot open up immediately. Because they have been brought up alone by the parents by not giving much exposure to the society and happening. But that does not mean that they are not posted with what is happening elsewhere and they are ignorant of things which are happening. We must give a chance for the introvert persons to mingle and enable to be easy and then see their performance.
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    Many people are introvert and do not mix much with others. That is a personal trait. It does not mean that they are antisocial.

    It is only so that the introvert people avoid excessive interaction with others. When it is necessary they will interact without any problem. I have seen some introvert people very helping and kind in the time of need.

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    Introverts need not be thought of as less informed or they will not understand many issues. These people also understand all the issues like others. But they may not open up easily. It is the attitude of the individual. The attitude will come from the way they were brought up and how they were allowed to participate in public. Some parents will bring up their children very carefully and they will protect them in such a way that they will not expose to the outside world much. Such people will become introverts and they will feel shy in talking in presence of many people and they never try to go with outside people except their family members. The individual has to be encouraged by the people around so that they will change over a period of time and behave like normal people as the time passes.
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    This thread has not much meaning in a sense. Being introvert has nothing to do with ones social mixing. The characteristic of being introvert is to a certain extent ones nature. This can be slowly corrected and become talkative. Introverts may be intelligent and understanding everything. He may not react. In a small group or in a closed group he may give out his opinions clearly.
    But becoming anti social is an entirely different matter. He may be acting without giving any consideration to the society. An introvert can be acceptable to the society, if he can do something to a society. I was an introvert as a student. I never initiated any talk, and kept silent in groups. But I became very acceptable to the organizations in which I worked. I had to work as President or Secretary of different social or official organizations.


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