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    Is there a need for a University to impart Etiquette for daughter in-laws as a course ?

    How to become a Adarsh Bahu or outstanding daughter in law is the million dollar question emanates from the newly wed girl who has to adjust with the new house and new people. Though her mother would have taught all the intricacies of such importance, still Bhopal based Barkatullah University felt the need to start a course on Adarsh Bahu so that it would immensely help the students passing out , and then getting married. What is your view on this ? Should the girl get teaching from parents or a University is the better place to learn such things ?
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    If this is true, then it sounds more like a money making venture. with changing times, the role of the daughter-in-law has also changed from each family members perspective.

    To me, this would be a waste of time/money. What we need is an open door access for family counselors for the newly married couples. More importantly, the counselling will not only be for the daughter-in-law, it would and should be for the new husband, his parents and siblings. I say this because most of the times, the difference of opinion and the expectation mismatch arises from interaction with new family members.

    This course from the university would reflect upon it's narrow mindedness or failure to understand the issues that lead to friction in the house of a newly married couple. If they are really interested in the welfare of the 'Bahu', they should have a course for the future in-laws and future husbands.

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    Oh yes, it is true. I saw it on the news last night. Even the newsreader had a smirk on her face.

    They interviewed someone at the said college, may have been the principal, I did not catch who he was. This is going to be a three-month long course and designed to teach girls how to adjust in the new family, how to respect the in-laws and adopt their traditions blah blah!

    Apparently, girls these days are unable to adjust to a new setup and hence the need for this course.

    Is this regressive, well apparently not, it is progressive. It is for the better of families and the society. We are in the twenty-first century and people are finding new methods of chaining woman. Cutting their wings and disrupting their flight. What message is this going to send out? Is the role of a married woman limited to adjustment?

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    Why only to daughters in law. Why not to mothers in law or fathers in law. Adjustment is a two way process. It can't be from only one side always. When a new person is coming into our family we have to see that she will be comfortable and we should give sufficient time for her to understand and we should also adjust ourselves so that she will also be comfortable with us. So having a separate course is not required, I feel. A well grown boy or girl will learn the etiquettes from the behaviour of their elders like parents and grand parents.
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    A great news! For everything, there is a new course and new institutes are coming up announcing their specialities in that domain. In our country, I feel, getting married and raising families are the most important issues in life and everybody is much concerned when it comes to marriage and families. I am no one to decide on the choices of different people but would like to make a comment that definitely would sound sarcastic.

    When there is a course, there must be a certificate too which will be awarded after successful completion of the course. Now the question is whether the 'certified' daughter-in-law, may be certified as 'Adarsh Bahu', will get any mileage from that certificate if produced in court for any domestic violence related cases?


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