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    Let all the schools follow five day in a week so that working parents can spend two days with child

    Most of the MNC and even IT companies are having five day work only and they get holidays on Saturday and Sunday. But they are not able to concentrate on their children and their studies during week days, and at least they can stay and be with the child on Saturday and Sunday. In that case the child would also be having good time with parents, they also feel they are being cared and above all good bonding between child and parents would be established. And the portions be modified to suit five day a week proposal. What is your take on this. Should all the schools have five day a week ?
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    But how this could be possible because any of the schools have their own terms & conditions wherein they are performing their duties. The same is the case with the private firms too. Simply not possible.

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    Schools work as per the plans drawn in accordance with state government rules and they can adjust the portions accordingly if the suggestion is implemented.
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    In a populous country like ours with such a high degree of unemployment, even Govt offices should work for 6 days a week.

    Our working style, including teaching, is slow and sometimes stagnant. In such a condition 5 day week will be a deteriorating factor for the schools.

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    The idea that schools work only five days a week is welcome. Even now, most of the schools, both in the public and private sectors, work generally five days a week in Kerala. Only when due to specific reasons working days are lost, they work on Saturdays to compensate. Because of the recent flood in Kerala several working days are lost and in the coming months compensatory classes are being arranged.
    Regarding the working people, how many are there who get Saturdays as holidays. In Govt and semi govt. services a second Saturday is accepted as a holiday. This is the case with bank employees too. Public sector or private sector companies also work on Saturdays. Perhaps, only exception is in the case of IT sector.
    In short the working people are not free on Saturdays, but students are free. In order to overcome this idling of students on Saturdays, when parents are not at home, what is seen here is that the children are admitted in different institutions where weekly courses in different art forms (drawing, painting, dance, music, instrumental music, etc. Now Abacus training also has become attractive ).


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    How many employees are having 2 days holidays in a week? Even Banks work for 2 Saturdays. All the manufacturing industries and private Organisations are working for 6 days and some Organisations will work on all the days with a scattered weekly off to the employees. Many of the schools are already working only 5 days a week and government schools are having 2nd Saturday holiday.
    If schools are also closed on every Saturday and if all the people in the house are having 2 days holidays, many of them will plan a trip to other places and in that process, the parents may not be able to take care of their children those two days also. They will start Friday night and reach back Monday morning and they will not have any time to review the progress of the children.
    I feel productivity should come up. All IT industries and government offices should also work for 6 days a week.

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