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    Why bell peppers are in different colors?

    We call bell peppers, the capsicum as Shimla mirch.They all are coming in different colors.
    The same vegetable in different colors! Red, yellow, purple, green etc. I think, it is nature's wonder. Is there any other vegetable
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    A few vegetables that come to mind are -

    Brinjal, also known as eggplant and aubergine. They come in different colours, sizes and shapes. The colours range includes white brinjals, yellow/green brinjals, reddish and different shades of purple.

    Cabbage also comes in different shapes and colours – white, purple and the common pale green.

    Carrots are available in red, orange and black colour.

    Radish is another veggie that you get in varying shapes, sizes and colour. White and red radishes are the most common.

    The green bell peppers are cheaper than the yellow, red and orange varieties. The latter is sweeter than the former. Also, the gender of bell peppers is easily identifiable. The female pepper has four bumps on the base, while the male has only three. The female bell pepper is sweeter.

    I use the red, yellow and orange varieties raw, in a salad or in continental meals. The green peppers are used for Indian dishes. I make aloo & Shimla mirch, Shimla mirch and paneer, stuffed Shimla mirch.

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    I think the original color of bell peppers or Shimla Mirch is green in color and that is widely accepted. But those coming in other colors are no takers as they are created.
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