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    Should India play with Pakistan in the Asia cup?

    In the Asia cup, the India-Pakistan Cricket has been scheduled on 19.09.2018. This soon be covered in most of the news debates & the questions would be raised in context to whether we should be playing with Pakistan or not because we don't have the good relations yet with India's most wanted being moved freely in Pakistan. Few would come to the conclusion that the sports shouldn't be interfered with politics & so on. This is for sure that this is not going to stop but few still raise their voice making an objection for this event. Do the members feel that the politics & sports be dealt differently or you have something else in your mind?
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    What I feel that India should snap ties with Pakistan in full as the new Prime Minister Imran Khan has not reciprocated the good wishes sent by our PM Modi. Moreover in the past he has been talking against India and his stance seems to be same. In this contest we should not play with Pakistan at any level or any where. That will send strong signals to Pakistan and other countries that India means respect and it cannot tolerate terrorism of any sort and those who are wanted must be handed over to Indian security force. Then only there can be normalization of relations.
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    This has been a topic that has been debated time and again whenever a match between India and Pakistan is scheduled. To begin with, I would like to amend the title of the thread to read as 'India against Pakistan' in place of 'India with Pakistan'. It is the Asia Cup and both are countries that are part of the continent. So, why should we differentiate? It is a sporting event and we should approach the same sportingly. A match between India and Pakistan has always garnered lots of interest across the world due to the inherent enmity between the two nations. But if Cricket can be a ground for coming together, even if it is for a competition, let it be so. It would be better to keep aside all other differences when it comes to sports or cultural exchanges. Let us not become the goat in between the fighting wolves.
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    I agree with Lead Editor's views on this topic. If cricket can make both the countries together, we should try for that. A supporting neighbour will make you sleep well. So how to improve the connections with the neighbour is the important aspect. If we have friendly neighbours, the country's defence expenditure will come down and that money can be utilised for development works.
    Another point is it is a game for all the playing countries in the continent. We are also one of the participating countries. Any country has to face any country. So why should we think that we should not play against Pakistan? The purpose of the event is to provide some good cricket for the game lovers and sufficient revenue will be developed. So I feel there is no reason for not playing against Pakistan in Asia Cup.
    Of course, we are not planning any series between these two countries specifically.

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