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    Everyone wants entertainment during working hours!

    The modern technology has facilitated the people with modern gadgets like smartphone. With rates of internet data charges going down, people are easily affording the net on the go.

    With this a new culture is evolved. Everyone is either present in the social media or seeing the videos even during working hours whenever opportunity is there.

    Even students are using phones in colleges, though most of the places these are not permitted.

    So most of the people are doing like this. Sharing working hours for social media and entertainment.

    This may be hampering the productivity of people in office.

    What do you think about this situation?
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    Unfortunately most people are misusing their working hours for other purpose in chatting and watching videos on cell phones. Now a days some companies have installed secret cameras not known to any body as the locations changes daily and cannot be noticed. So when employees fail ton discharge their duties and give time on gossiping and chatting, the camera would record with evidence and thus there is every chance of suspension or even removing from service. However there is no control lunch and tea recess and employees are free to talk on phones too. So one must behave sensibly at the work place.
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    Today people are having facility to entertain themselves on the go. The milkman, newspaper boy, vegetable vendor - all of them are listening songs while moving from one place to other. They are viewing all sorts of entertaining videos.

    So now it is inevitable. We can not undo it. It is going to stay for good.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    The output of an individual should increase with the modernization of the facilities in the workplace. A person who was doing a certain work for 4 hours may be able to complete the same quantum of work in 3 hours with the modern gadgets and facilities provided there. Here there is a saving of 25% time. How this time is being utilised is the question? The employer thinks he should get that advantage. An employee thinks he should get that benefit. In this process, balancing is required. Out of the saved time again 50% can be used for the job and the remaining 50% for the enjoyment or relaxation may be a better option, I feel. working seriously for 8 hours on these modern gadgets may have a lot of problems on the individual. So having a break in between is the necessity, I say.
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