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    The popularity of the wink

    It seems winking is a new craze. A few months earlier it was the Malayalam actor Priya Prakash Varrier, whose wink in the song from the film Oru Adaar Love went viral and she instantly became a sensation. After some time it was Rahul Gandhi, who did the same thing inside parliament and grabbed the headlines. Now it's the turn of Disha Patani, who copied the wink in the same way in a recent commercial. Both the winks of Priya Varrier and Disha Patani are startlingly similar and the team who incorporated the concept of the wink in the commercial has done a laudable task. It's tapping a sensational move to promote products.

    The hairstyle, dress or any signature move by the actors are copied widely and people, especially teenagers, are fond of copying these. After the series of winks going viral, we are expecting a lot of people to wink in their own way, replacing winks for gestures or even words, throughout the country. Members do you think we need to keep our cameras ready to catch those live actions if we happen to come across one?
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    I think the popular wink by Priya Prakash Varrier has made the gesture a lovable one pushing back the negative connotation it had, particularly in the Indian society. It must be that acceptance that has encouraged advertising companies to use a wink to promote their products. We all know that a wink being a gesture is directly representative of the situation, context and the way it is executed. So, irrespective of the popularity or acceptance, I am of the opinion one should exercise this option prudently. All winks may not go well with the recipients. And, should we be really clicking winks? Maybe, only when it appears too charming or fascinating, I think.
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    In many of the traditional families winking is not considered as a good sign. It will not go well with the people in such families. Some people take this winking in a different way also. So one should be very careful in using this option. Sometimes it will revert back on us in an entirely in a different way.
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    While the wink by Priya Varrier was adorable and instantly liked by people because she is the teenage sensation and the situational concept demanded that action from her. But Rahul Gandhi wink after hugging the PM Modi was something a dig at the reputation of PM and it was unbecoming behavior from Rahul Gandhi. While Priya winking can be viewed for many times and enjoyed , the same cannot apply for Rahul winking as it is politically motivated. Nevertheless Priya has become famous for her wink, and Rahul has degraded his position and become the most trolled person on Internet for his every mess.
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    Mohan, the wink by Rahul Gandhi was discussed threadbare earlier in this forum. So let us leave that aside and talk about the difference in our general attitude towards winks in conjunction with other facial expressions, after the Priya Varrier episode, and its pros and cons that can be foreseen if, in case, it replaces other gestures or words. And, will you ask someone to repeat a wink if it appears charming to you so that you can freeze a shot in your camera?
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    Winking is an old gesture in the human society and it has different meanings in the context it is being played.

    There was a time when presenting a wink in the society was considered a bit embarrassing but now it is just taken as a gesture of fun.

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    When we talk about wink, surely Rahul's wink outsmarts Priya Varrier's famous wink, because she did for once, where as Rahul has been repeating the same everywhere he has dig at the government ?
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    Winking is not a new thing. In my youth days, winking was a sign for starting a love. In Tamil, it is known as 'Kannadithal'. If a girl does this against a boy, it means she has something to do with that boy. It also amounts to eve teasing. I do not know, why this has been specialised and given importance now.
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