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    Fickle-mindedness is injurious to progress

    Is being fickle-minded a drawback? Does the inability to take firm decisions at the right time bring in failures in life? Being fickle-minded can become an obstacle in our progress. Can we overcome our indecisiveness? How? Let us share our experiences and discuss the point.

    Fickle minded people are those who take a long time in making the decisions and they keep on swinging both ways while taking the decisions. Be it deciding on buying any commodity or making day to day decisions in life, such people are never at ease in taking decisive approach.

    I would say fickle-mindedness is a drawback and it impacts one's progress in life. It leads to investing in more and more time in arriving at decisions which could have been better used to do some productive things. If we are fickle-minded in some decisions then we are never in a relaxed state of mind as we keep on thinking about our decision whether it is right or wrong. Due to this sometimes we keep on changing our decisions and mentally always occupied.

    But how does this fickle-mindedness arise? It comes due to lack of a strong sense of likes-dislikes and preferences in life and also due to lack of willpower. Another reason for indecisiveness is that person sometimes wants everything so he is not able to decide between the two things. We should always try to avoid getting entangled in the web of fickle-mindedness and try to adopt a rational and sensible approach while taking decisions in life. We should arrive at a decision in a short time, close the topic and move ahead rather than pondering our decision again and again.

    Do you agree?
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    I do agree with the author. If it takes most of the time to come to a decision, then we cannot get enough time to act on it. This always hampers the progress and bound to impede the growth. There is no single reason for fickle-mindedness and a lot of factors contribute to this. In most of the cases it is seen that people with low self esteem are fickle minded. They cannot stay firm in one direction and wilt under pressure if somebody contradicts them. They do not have a particular goal and change their mind so easily. Another reason for fickle-mindedness may be to chase other's dreams to become successful in life. Everybody has their own potential and must act according to it. Just by seeing somebody successful in a venture and jumping in to be in that venture without thinking her/his capabilities leads to chaos and ultimately limits the possibilities. This ultimately renders the person clueless and forces to change decision again.

    The awareness about things happening around and a clear idea about own capabilities will increase the decision making power and will help to progress. One way to reduce fickle-mindedness is to increase the concentration level and paying attention to things of interest.


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    Yes I agree with the author that fickle minded people are most non trusted to themselves and they always has the doubt factor lingering in their mind on every issues. Why because they do not have confidence in them nor they are happy with the others advise. They do attempt the works on par with others, as if they are going to make get strides and even surpass the competitors, but some where in the middle of the task they get perturbed and feel like going slow due to so many doubt factors and thus end up messy for no reason. These kinds of people cannot progress on own nor anybody can help them.
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    There are many people who do not have firmness of mind and they always have indecisiveness in their actions. Their mind flickers from one option to other unable to fix their line of action. Because of this they suffer in their life and are discouraged to take up new assignment.
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    Indecisiveness is not at all good for individuals progress. We will be facing different situations and we will think and take some decisions and we will implement them. But some people go on thinking about the implications of the decision endlessly and finally they will not take any decision. Not taking a decision is more serious than taking a wrong decision. In some instances, I heard people saying that not taking a decision immediately is the decision for the time being. If the individual thought completely and not taken a decision and allowed the things go on as it is means, it is an intention to wait for sometime. It can't be treated as a fickle mind. But go on thing about the same issue and finally not able to take any decision is a dangerous point. Any decision will have positives and negatives. Analyse and apply the best possible solution. This should be the correct attitude.
    I have come across many people who change their decision very frequently for no reason and finally ending up with huge losses.

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