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    Money cannot buy everything – Is this still true?

    I always remember a popular thought that we have been hearing from past and that is "Money cannot buy everything". Sometimes I wonder does this still hold true in the current materialistic world. We see nowadays that people who have more money enjoy all sorts of comforts in life and people with limited money face hardships in every walk of life. Though it is true that money cannot buy relationships and peace of mind but nowadays in this money-centric society even sometimes relations are built for money and many of the things which were based on ideals earlier are now based on money.

    Good medical treatment, good education, good lifestyle are all dependent on money. For example, a poor person who cannot get themselves treated in good hospitals can die due to even minor ailments while on the other hand, rich people are able to get the most expensive treatment done and can recover even from the life-threatening illness.

    I feel slowly and steadily we are moving to an era where money is becoming more and more important and in some way, it is getting linked to a convenient and happy life. Though it is still true that money is not everything in life but with time this thinking is slowly getting diluted.
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    Money can buy materials. We require money to purchase things for our comfort. The more things we come across, the more choosy we become and thus increases our greed. The author has rightly mentioned that lot of money is required for good education, good medical treatment and good lifestyle. But the concept of this 'good' is somewhat confusing.

    I am saying this because earlier teaching and treating the patients were the most noble professions and nowadays these two became the most lucrative businesses. The quality of students are nowadays judged by the marks they scored and not by the knowledge they gathered. We do not have a proper education system, it is only based on scoring marks. If we look into the medical treatments, it has progressed a lot in terms of technology and new medicines and in many cases it is found that doctors prescribe unnecessary medicines and advice medical investigations that are not required. In few of the big hospitals the whole process has become incentive oriented and they are minting money by various means.

    If we talk about good lifestyle, then we must be thinking about having all the luxurious commodities that are invented for our comfort and enhancement of living standard. We compete with our neighbours to have a better lifestyle than theirs and we hear about increasing anxiousness of people to repay loans. This may not be an example of a good lifestyle rather it indicates our greed has increased. At the end, I should again say that money can only buy materials but not feelings, love, peace or relationship.


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    Yes money cannot buy everything. Money cannot get us the good parents, money cannot get us the good society, money cannot get us the good friends. Why because it all depends on our behavior towards others which reflects whether the relation would go to next level. Money can get you instant fame, new friends would join your life but they are for temporary purpose. And money cannot get you pure love, pure affection, and pure liking. I have seen many people wont care for money, but still money keep coming to them. And those who have managed the money well are the most peaceful persons on this earth.
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