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    Celebrate Ganesha Chaturthi in the most rewarding way this year

    This Ganesh Chaturthi promise not only to bring Lord Ganesha in the home but invite the endearing and captivating image of Lord Ganesha into the heart. The form of Lord with a human body, an elephant head and cute pot like belly is very intriguing. You must have heard stories behind elephant head of Lord Ganesha. Do you know what does it signifies? It signifies eternal wisdom. Trunk symbolizes strength and finesse. It is because the elephant trunk can uproot anything and everything as well as has the finesse to pick up the smallest of obstacles.

    I guess everyone must have seen the pot belly of Lord. It denotes the immeasurable space. Lord's belly is symbolic that it is capable of holding the entire universe inside it. We need to learn the same. We need to become perfect human beings who keep the same attitude towards good and bad people. Instead of discriminating against people, we need to learn to hold everyone together. Lord Ganesha sits on the little mouse which is nothing but a representation of man's ego. If we don't conquer our ego, it is capable of sneaking into anything and everything. The result is the creation of mess.

    Lord has four arms which describe evolution. In his right arm, he is holding an axe and in his left arm, he holds a rope. In his lower left arm, he holds sweet modak. His lower right hand is for showering blessings on us. An axe that he is holding cuts the material attachments and bonds. Rope reminds us to free ourselves from the illusion which would further lead to misery. Modak is symbolic of sweetness that we would reap after achieving enlightenment. Blessing hand is a promise that the Lord will keep us protected.

    This Ganesha Chaturthi let us celebrate the inner deep meaning that is hidden in the idol or form of Lord Ganesha. Let us free ourselves from worldly attachments and illusions and get rid of discriminations that give way to hatred. Let us love all and let love conquer the world. Let us surrender our ego in feet of Lord and let him protect us and help us achieve ultimate bliss.
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    Nice observation from the author and how she compared every part of the body of Lord Ganesh really connects to our thinking process and that is really great.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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