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    Does old cinema work with today's audience?

    Movies of what is considered to be the Golden Era of Indian cinema may not really attract today's audience. Can those type of films with their typical scenes and similar stories survive today?

    Firstly, let me clarify what I mean when I use the term 'old movies'. I am referring to all the films that were released during or before the 'Golden Age' of cinema. The present audience has obviously lived through a few generations after that time but does old cinema really work with today's audience? I think it doesn't. There a few exceptions of course since movies like Sholay and Trishul still work well.

    However, many films don't.

    This probably happens because these films were made at a time when our society was burdened with social issues. Society has come a long way since then and that means that the audience now finds it much more difficult to relate to these movies. For similar reasons, movies like Masti or Student of the Year were accepted- because they portray either an ideological scenario for the youth or a comparatively realistic scenario. The face of cinema has gone from being family oriented to primarily being youth oriented, which shows a clear reflection of the mindset of today's society.
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    Yes what I feel that the old cinemas which is always referred as the golden era of Indian cinema has produced some every green films which are family oriented with melodrama and the strong story line, less noise with powerful dialogues were the order of those days and that wont be acceptable. Suppose you take the song sequence of any old films, it may be either amidst garden, valleys, flower garden and sea. Now a days the audience are treated to whole sorts of visual delights for a single song, as the heroine would change at least 30 dress in a three minute song sequence. And the youth enjoy such scenes as they are taken to Singapore, Hongkong, Thailand, Australia or Canada in those three minutes. So if we ask the new generation to view the old black and white films, probably they wont like or view with half heart.
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    You see. generation is fedup with cliches. We want something new..which in this case. .is old. Old cinemas were good in their own way. For millienials, even the movies that came during 2000-2004 sound old. Most of our generation do watch the old movies ironically.
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    I doubt. Cinema has always been considered to be inspired by the society and so, the changes in our society are reflected in the movies we make. A member of the younger generation might not be able to relate to a movie that has been made a few years back and so he may not be able to enjoy and appreciate the same. The technological improvements are also to be taken into consideration. The films made in the sixties, seventies or even the eighties had strong storylines and were more or less based on relationships; interpersonal, social or otherwise. Dialogues were given more prominence than visuals. Movies were slow as was our life then. Life has become fast today and people throng theatres to enjoy movies that are filled with all commercial elements. So, I don't think old cinemas would work with the new generation audience unless they are serious about the medium.

    If one is to watch a movie as an ardent fan of the medium and having a passion for the same, I think we may still cherish watching movies like Pakeezah, Do Aankhen Barah Haath, Navrang, Aaradhana, Aandhi, Koshish, Mili, Ardhsatya, Genesis and so many classics in the genre in addition to Sholay and Trishul as pointed out by the author.

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    The liking of old movies will depend on the individual. As an individual, I always prefer music which gives importance to lyrics. When we hear a song, I always feel we should enjoy the music as well as the words used in the song and the way the words are pronounced by the singer. Strong dialogues and heavy music may go well with many audiences these days. But the music and action in some of the old movies especially in the 70s and 80s are so near to our lives and people can enjoy better. These are my thoughts about a movie. Many may not agree or may have a different idea.
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    It depends. As technology is advanced so are the people, they don't like hero and heroine of the movies roaming around the tree and singing. Of course it was considered enjoyable in those days but not now a days. I remember "Nageena" film in those days was a superhit but won't be liked by this generation as they know by the idea of playing a tune on the been cannot capture a snake.

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    I had this doubt for more than years and wanted to know what people really think. It is actually today's generation do not tend to like those old movies. But i also know friends who are obsessed with the old movies. But trust me its only "a few".

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