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    How about ears for web pages too?

    Should websites have ads placed only in the side corners rather than spread out all over? How effective would this be in not distracting the visitor?

    Ears are still there, but in most of the cases do not contain advertisements like before. Yes, you are right! I am talking about the two small box like spaces at the both sides of the Masthead of a newspaper. These two small spaces at the left and right corner of the dailies used to advertise products of different varieties. Nowadays, advertisements are rarely seen in the ear panels and only a few local dailies do publish ads inside them. Maybe people are much more attracted towards quarter or half page advertisements and generally do not look inside the ears for which the practice to post ads there is declining. The marketing strategies and methods have changed, so, the bigger the ads, the larger the audience it attracts. I have seen few newspapers which do not have these ear panels at all. Now there is trend of different varieties of flashing ads while we open any web page.

    How about bringing the concept of ear panels in websites too, where there will be at least a dedicated space for online ads rather than the usual pop ups from different corners of the website?
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    I think this would seriously impact the website's revenue earned from the ads. If ads are placed solely in the two fixed places as suggested, the visitor is unlikely to even look at them, leave aside click on them to check out the content of the ad. When ads are placed at various strategic places, on the other hand, such as just below the header, in the side panels, between content, just above the footer, etc. there is more likelihood of a visitor checking them out and thus generating revenue.

    So if, for example, ISC had ads in just the two "ear" spots, wouldn't the revenue generated through the Google AdSense revenue program be seriously affected? Not just the revenue for the admin, but even members would likely see a drastic drop in their individual AdSense earnings. That could even lead to removing the RSB reward program for members!

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    Wow nice suggestion from the author. For example while writing this response, there are ads appearing above this box on the right side of the box which are distracting our attention to write aptly. I am also supporting the view of the author that there should be only ear ads on the top of the web site and that is enough to cater to the ad needs. Once that is decided , then we have trouble free writing in the box without any disturbance or distraction. But the internet thrives on advertisements and Google has been providing every possible place for the companies to put their ads and hence the suggestion may not be taken.
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    Many of these websites depend on the revenue generated by the adds placed on the site and the number of clicks on that. So if the adds come only in the top two corners of the page, I feel many may not see the add. Thus the revenue for the site will decrease. So in addition to other places, if the ears are also used, they may not be any loss. But only in the corners will never help the business of the site to grow. Many of the newspapers are also surviving on the adds. The more the advertisements, the more the revenue. So this idea may not be welcomed by the people involved in this business.
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    A nice idea so that the ads will not distract the viewer. At the same time we have to consider the commercial side of these ads, as other members have also indicated and if they affect the revenue adversely, we should not go for such changes.

    Newspapers were having that surplus space in the sides of heading and they have effectively utilized it for ads.

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    I posted the same query recently and yet now the Webmaster failed to follow up. The ads are blocking the contents even after you click the 'X' option so every time I see ads, I report Not interested ads.
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    If one does not want to see advertisements on any web page, then there is a method or way. One can use it.
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    Mr Gypsy, what is that method? Explain the method so that we can use it.
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    It would be inappropriate to tell about the method here in open since it will negatively affect ISC. I will send you a PM.
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