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    The changing dynamics of democracy

    How misinformation can affect democracy negatively is what this forum discussion is about. Provide your views on the impact of media on democracy.

    India is doing good while having so much of the diversity on the parameters of democratic nations under a Global state of the democratic index. Its score hovers around the world average. But when we highlight particular parameter which is the media's integrity then its score has fallen to below the world's average in the recent years. Media's integrity is necessary for any blossoming nation as we need viable, truthful and genuine news day in and day out failing which could lead to severe impacts as the citizens are misinformed or are influenced under some political agenda(done mostly through social media). With changing dynamics of the democracy, we need every citizen to be equipped with genuine news of development and policies. Under the growing digitization, an ill-informed person could be proved to be dangerous than the ignorant one.
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    It is very refreshing to see an interesting topic coming up in the forum section. I defer with the author regarding India doing well under Global Democratic Index. No doubt it is above the average but the fall from 32 in 2016 to 42 in 2017 is the worst ever decline. India scored well in electoral process and pluralism but failed in other parameters like political culture, political participation, the functioning of the government and civil liberties. The overall score for India is 7.23 and placed in the category of "Flawed Democracies." The reasons cited are the rise of conservative religious ideologies and strengthening of the right-wing Hindu forces.

    Coming to the point raised by the author about the media integrity, in the 'media freedom ranking', India ranked 49 out of 167 countries that the index covered. It also states that India has become a more dangerous place for journalists. Many of the News Channels are compromised and not reporting the genuine news or afraid of doing so. Some of the News Channels have become the mouthpiece of a group and trying to influence the public opinion.

    As rightly pointed out by the author, every citizen should have access to genuine news and encouraged to form their informed opinions without any bias or undue influence. Yes, I fully agree that an ill-informed person may become more dangerous than an uninformed person.

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    Media is playing important role in our democracy and any misinformation given would have larger effect. While on the day of election results we can see the real intentions of some electronic media. One will say that particular party is trailing and not loosing. Same way the winning party figures are told last than one seat win by the media supported party. Such kind of partisan attitude was seen during TN elections results day. Jaya Tv was playing results highlighting AIADMK at its best. Likewise Sun tv was playing the results where DMK was winning and thus people were denied of real results.
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    Media is a very important factor in the country's democracy. But these days the values and ethics in the journalism as well as in politics are declined. Every aspect is looked as a money-making tool. Every political party is having their own channel or supporting channel. These channels will manage the news in such a way that their political wing will get benefitted. So no channel is making 100% correct statements and people are losing their faith on these channels. Same is the case with newspapers also. That is why journalism has no values these days. We can manage the facts by paying money to the media, I understand. When you see two channels each of these two channels will give just opposite information on the same issue. Added to this the social media has become another place to spread fake news. We should not believe any information coming in the social sites unless otherwise, we get it confirmed from a reliable source.
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    Media has to play an important role in our democracy. It can play a constructive or destructive role depending upon its freedom and the people who are manoeuvring it.

    If media has to play a positive role, it should not be influenced by the poltical system. In fact if the media is strong and it follows an honest journalism, even the politicians will be fearful of it and will be careful in their actions and in projecting their images.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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