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    What type of dress will you wear for a party?

    We are living in an age of fashion. New trends in dresses are emerging day by day and there seems to be a blind race for fashion garments.

    Parties and get to gather are the times when people can flaunt their modern dresses and show off their fashion awareness.

    What type of dress do you like to wear when you go to attend a party? Is it the simple common type or of the latest fashion?
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    We are not actor or actress to flaunt our fashion statement in front of others and what I feel that go dressed in a natural way and should arrest the attention of the invitee and others.
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    There are some people who are very conscious about their attire and give a lot of time on selecting their dresses for party time. They will sometimes wear dresses which obviously attract the attention of the people.

    Dressing is an individual and personal thing. It varies from person to person.

    Personally I do not believe in wearing fashionable dresses and flaunting them during social functions. I like to wear simple but clean dresses during such occasions.

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    T-shirts and designed jeans used to be in fashion for some time. Then came jackets of jeans few years ago. Now leather jackets are in fashion.
    I would wear normal t-shirts if the party environment would be suitable for dancing. If its a formal business party I will wear something different. Like I saw a full collor full hands shirt that looked awesome. So I think I would take that.
    We must never overdo it in a party. And its always easier for men to choose. I don't know what kind of trends women are following now.
    I kind of try to emulate the latest fashion during festival or party occasions else I would revert back to 80s kind of dress up that I prefer the most. It's comfortable.

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    Dressing to the occasion is very important. One has to be conscious of the type of function he is going to attend while selecting the dress. Some parties prescribe dresses that have to be worn by the attendees while some have color codes which is a recent trend.

    You may choose an attire that is decent and fashionable if you are to attend a casual party but need to be formally dressed if it is an official (need not be official in the strict sense) function. So, more than making a choice of your convenience and preference, you should keep in mind the type of function or party that you are to attend, the type of crowd that would form the gathering, the events that are included, the time and a lot many more while selecting your dress. The dress you choose must allow you to merge with the crowd, must be decent and, as I said in the beginning, to the occasion.

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    I dress for the occasion, keeping in mind the weather and the venue. I would not wear a saree to a beach party or jeans to a cocktail event or a dress to a Tamil Brahmin wedding.

    I also do not turn up looking like a Christmas tree – I keep my jewellery subtle. There are no sequins or loud embroidery on any of my clothes. I keep the cuts simple and designs classy. You will never find me in garish clothes.

    When we go to someone's party we must dress for the event. I think it is important that we show up well-groomed, at the party, it is a sign of respect for the host.

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    I usually wear a T-shirt and trouser for family functions and other similar occasions. When I have to attend official meetings, seminars and other official events, I will go with a formal dress or as per the dress code decided. When we attend some parties in some specific clubs and other places, the venues will have a dress code. The host will inform this point when he invites us to that place. We have to follow that. For example, Secunderabad club will not allow a T-shirt without a collar and they will not allow people with slippers. So when we go there even for a family function we should follow this code. I feel getting dressed decently as per the situation is always a good habit. This will add value to us and it will add value to the celebration also.
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    A decent but normal dress will do. Once I went to a marriage reception in safari suit (I used wear pant and tucked full shirt in) with my colleagues. Our director also came to that function asked whether I have come or not. I came out before him by saying welcome sir. He told,'oh I have expected you in your usual costume'.
    But dressing novel but customary is always good to wear for parties though we have liberty to wear as we please.

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