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    Hats off to Google Maps!

    Last Sunday, I went to greater Noida from my residence in New Delhi. I had to pick up someone from ITO, so I went to ITO first and from there I went to greater Noida. I used Google Maps to know the route. While coming back, I was to come directly back to my residence. Again, I used Google Maps to find out the best available route. This time Google Maps showed me a route which was around 42 Kms. I blindly followed the directions given by Google Maps. The journey was pleasant with no or minimal traffic. We were talking among ourselves and did not notice much about the places which were passing by. After around 35 minutes or so, I stopped my car on a traffic stoplight, the first stop since we started from sector 16c of greater Noida, and then we noticed that we were just 1 KM away from our home.

    I was very pleasantly surprised that we had covered the 41 KMs (out of the 41 KMs, 12 KMs were in UP and the rest of 29 KMs in New Delhi) in 35 minutes without a need to stop at any traffic stoplight. Imagine driving a car in New Delhi for 29 KMs without any stoppage. It is a sort of wonder. It was made possible by Google Auntie (I fondly call the lady giving directions on Google maps as Google Auntie .

    Thank you Google Maps for making driving easy and pleasant. I strongly recommend my fellow ISCians to use Google Maps while driving to save time and money/fuel. Have you ever had any such experience while using Google Maps? Please share your experiences.
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    It is true. Google maps are very useful for the people travelling new places and new roads. Once our family were going by road from Hyderabad to Pune.The Road is new to us. We were able to go on journey without any problems and without asking anybody. We enjoyed the trip very nicely. Like this the google maps are very useful for many people during travel.
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    Yes it is true that #look before leave the home app from Google really helps us by guiding through alternate route and yet less traffic route. Even though I know the short cut routes in Hyderabad, when consulted Google map it also suggested same routes which I know. Google maps are very useful for those who are new to the area and especially for ladies when they are pondering over the address and how to go, Google maps are really helpful. And what more one will reach the required destination without being fooled by others or taken ride by auto or cab fellows who normally deceive the passengers.
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    The most useful feature of Google Maps is their live-traffic updates. If there is a traffic jam in any area on your route, Google Maps offers alternate routes. The alternate route may be a bit longer but will surely save time and fuel. Using Google Maps while driving is always advisable.

    My car has an inbuilt navigation system, it tells the shortest possible route between any two places, but it does not show real-time traffic. So, i always use Google Maps instead of my car's inbuilt navigation system.

    Google Maps also shows ETA (estimated time of arrival), so one knows an approximate time when one will reach any place.

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    The practical utility of Google Map is increasing day by day. It is very convenient to use and the real time monitoring of congested roots and suggestion of alternative roots and it is immensely helping the driver.

    As people will become more and more accustomed to this tool, it will help them in convenient travel from one place to other.

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    We are using this utility especially while going to unknown lanes and societies. This app is very accurate and depending upon the traffic suggests alternate routes.

    This is commonly used by taxi drivers to locate their clients easily and efficiently. The apps like Ola and Uber are taking full advantage of Google map.

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    Google Map is an excellent invention. It is very helpful to us to locate and reach a place, especially in big cities and towns. I really wonder as to how this system works.

    Last Saturday, in Bengaluru, I was to attend a funeral of my relative. I took a prepaid auto from City station to Malleswaram. Though I had the exact address, the auto driver could not take me to the address. He struggled. I took out my smart phone and had a look at the Google Map. It gave my position and the exact location of the house. It was just 100 meters away. Then I guided the driver to move from the present location and reached my destination.

    Yesterday, I was returning to Banglore from Salem in our car. I used the Google map for direction. The Google aunti asked me to take a service road and other short routes to reach my home. As there was heavy traffic jam on NH 44, the Google aunti guided me to take the service road which was free.

    @ Google Map is a boon to us to navigate accurately to travel from one place to the other place without any struggle.

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    Google Maps not just tells us the routes, it helps us in many other ways too. It also tells us about the experiences of various people about business establishments listed on Google Maps. Just click on the name of business establishment listed on Google Maps, and a page pops up on the left side of the screen. It can be pulled in and swept out. The page contains information about the business establishment. On that page, one can read the reviews about the business establishment posted by users. They are not 100% correct but give us a general idea about the business establishment. Sometimes the page has correct address, correct phone number(s), business hours too, along with some pics of the business establishment.

    Then there is a button named 'nearby' on the page. If one clicks on that button of the business establishment, one can see similar type of nearby establishments in that area. For example, if I click on 'Madan Chicken Shop', and then I click on 'nearby' button on the Madan Chicken Shop's page, then Google Maps shows other chicken shops in the vicinity too. That gives me more options to choose from.

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    For anything and everything that we want, Google Maps provide us the location and the route. But it is of immense value to the motorists, especially in Metros and big cities.

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    This could come out to be yet another wonder of the growing technology around us being used by any of the drivers especially that provides the cab facilities. Even remarkable thing is that this is capable of letting the user know about the next turn & during what distance along with the famous building around. I have used it several times & found this useful application from google.

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    Yes, It is a too useful application. I also used this application one time to find an unknown location.
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