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    How about reducing the number of festival holidays?

    The bankers are a pampered lot. They get to enjoy more number of festival holidays than even Government employees. One has to see the number of festival holidays enjoyed by bankers.

    Even now, they are among the highest paid employees in the Indian formal sector. They have huge perks and get all sorts of loans to lead a good life. In fact, their net salaries will far outweigh those in the Indian Corporate Sector.

    Why should not these festival holidays be reduced? Can the Central Government do something in this regard?
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    Yes I am also of the view that public sector organizations and companies should not have more holidays and in fact no holidays. They must work all the working days in a year and weekly holidays be taken by each employee in routing and thus especially banks and post offices should not have the holidays. If they work they will prosper. I remember when Global Trust Banks was first started by Ramesh Gelli it was the first bank to work all the days in week and opens at early morning 8 o clock. Such convenient time makes the people more get attracted to the bank and they try to save money with them.
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    I agree with the author completely. There is an urgent need of reducing the festival holidays.

    India is a secular country and we have so many religions. In my opinion we should not have festival holidays. Any person who wants to observe a particular festival, should take leave to celebrate it.

    This will definitely help in enhancing the efficiency in work places and bringing in a culture of discipline in public life.

    There are people who are very energetic and are ready to work 7 days a week. They do not like festival holidays. They will be very happy and contribute to the nation's progress on these days willingly.

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    It is important to enjoy your personal life. We work to live not the other way round. What should happen is that in addition to bankers, everyone should get a sufficient number of leaves and holidays.
    However, I do think that the payment of the employees should be based on their talent and the effort they have put in work. In this regard, I do think the Government bank employees are an overpaid lot.

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    Sivakumar, can you propose some of the festival holidays that needs to be done away with? Before listing them, you must consider all the pros and cons.
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    In fact India is a country where so many holidays are given to employees, which is the maximum (21 days) compared to other countries. Again there will be differences among different States. Certain States have their own festival related holidays. Very often such festival related holidays are made use of by a very small persons in the State, others just spend the day as a Sunday. In fact certain holidays are just on the basis of a festival generally observed by a community, which forms only a very small percentage of the State's population, and because of that itself only a very small fraction will be making use of the holiday as a festival day.
    In such situations a special leave may be given for the employees belonging to that community, in addition to the total casual leaves allowed. Public will not feel much if that arrangement is done.


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    The Government employees get more holidays than the employees of the banks. Apart from the festivals, the Government employees get 15 casual leaves, 7 special casual leaves, 5 optional holidays and a half- pay leave for 20 days in a year. This is the position in Andhra Pradesh until 2004. I do not know the position after 2004. The employees are also one among the people and have their families to look after. How one can expect them to work efficiently when they are not given sufficient holidays to look after their families? Five day week is ideal for all the employees. Less number of holidays does not increase the efficiency of the employees. It is a myth. The public life goes on smoothly because of the employees only. Even when there is political unrest in the country, the public work does not suffer. It is only because of the employees who go on with their work and the public do not suffer. When the occasion arises they work day and night. Let us not forget how the bank employees worked throughout the day and night during the demonetisation time. If there is any calamity or urgency, it is the government employees who will be in the forefront working with the government orders. The employees are also human beings and they should have their share of enjoyment during festivals.
    As Mr Ankit rightly said "We work to live not the other way round."

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    Can we have Sivakumar on board please?
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    There are many leaves for government employees and bank employees. But the number of holidays for the private sector is less. The number of holidays is 12 per year in our Organisation. Out of this August 15th, October 2nd, January 26th and May 1st are compulsory holidays. The remaining 8 days will be decided by the Union representatives of the recognised worker's union. This is the system we follow in our Organisation. What I feel is that the government can also fix the number of holidays. Then from that 4, national holidays will be compulsory. The remaining days can be the choice of the Unions there or individuals can give their option. They can choose any festival they want so that the holidays will become scattered and the organisation will be working even on festival days with the employees who have not opted for a holiday on that day. The government can give a list of all the festivals and the employees can select.
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    Saji Sir. Am told the festival holidays is decided State wise, even for bankers. So, even if we stick to bank employees,I think that we reduce the total number of holidays to nine. This is the number allowed in industrial establishments.

    My point is very simple. Why should the bankers have and enjoy so many holidays? Should it not be just nine?

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    More numbers of festival holidays are creating a type of disturbance and indiscipline in work place life.

    Everyday we hear about a holiday and sometimes a new one related to some local custom.

    I fully agree that these festivals should not be given so importance that holiday is declared on those days. We should have some national holidays which are important for the solidarity of our country and that is all.

    People are getting excuse from work on the name of the various holidays.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    I am an employee in private sector and we just get 10 leaves for festivals which sometimes I think is lesser than what I see for other sectors. Not only banking even in school and colleges they have lots of festive leaves but its okay as what will teachers do in the institute when students are on leave. Definitely leaves in banks should be reviewed as work suffers when banks are closed and everything is opened.

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