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    Why much hype created even in Students union polls for JNUS elections ?

    Now a days students union elections in various Universities are getting more curious as it was fought on the political party lines from the behind the scene. Today the results for the JNUS elections were announced just now and the left party affiliated unions won all the four posts leaving nothing for ABVP. So this win , the left parties would take into their stride and once again indulge in bringing all the like minded parties for the third front against BJP for 2019. Should we take students union election results are prelude to NDA government which is likely to loose 2019.
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    It is all because of the political parties. Every political party has a students wing. In the Delhi University elections, the ABVP backed by the BJP won more seats. It seems boys were given a pizza for a vote and cosmetics for the girls. All this money comes from political parties only. It is not surprising that these university elections are fought like the ones to the assemblies. The students are the future leaders of the country. So there is so much hype. As you mentioned there might not be any third front but a united opposition to the NDA. Your observation that whether the students union election results may be taken as a prelude to the NDA Government defeat in 2019 election is likely to become a reality unless there are cracks in the opposition unity.
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    I don't think the Student union election results may indicate the outcome of the 2019 elections. It may coincide but it is not at all an indication. The student elections are becoming very serious due to the involvement of political parties in these elections. Everywhere the local leaders of various parties try to take some leadership role indirectly in these elections and try to fund these elections. If his affiliation wins there he can make his claim strong for an MLA seat or an MP seat. The students who are involved in the college politics are learning all bad practices that a political leader use for his victory in general elections. That is why I feel always that the student Organisations should not have any political affiliations and outside politicians should not get involved in these elections directly or indirectly.
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