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    Perils of overconfidence.

    There are many people in this world who are over confident. They are always ready to take decisions even in a hurry and feel that what they are doing is the correct thing. Their actions and efforts sometimes look as foolish from the stand-point of a prudent person.

    These over confident people sometimes repent upon their actions but by that time the things have already gone ahead in unintended directions. During such occasions they suffer aftermath of their hurried actions.

    Overconfidence is not a good attribute in our life. What do you think about it?
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    Normally the over confidence attitude is very much present with each politician as they feel that the more the crowd attend their meetings. they are blessed with votes. But they fail to understand that for attending meeting, the crowds are arranged with meals and money,and they are not true supporters of the the so called leader. So this over confidence actually kills the expectation during the election and on the result day. I have seen many politician who were famous and even not campaigned taking voters confidence in to their stride have tasted bite at the hustings. Even Lord Krishna gives sermon to Arjuna during his Geetha Updadesh about this matter. He should not feel over confident with the fact that Lord is the chariot driver and the winning situation is with Pandavas. So Arjuna also learned lesson on over confidence.
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    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    Overconfidence, in a way, blocks one's thought process. One who is overconfident believes so much in himself that he does not think twice before saying or doing anything. He trusts his capabilities so much that he does not bother about any other options and in the process loses his ability to realize his mistakes or to correct himself. An overconfident person thinks highly of himself and does not expect anything to go wrong with his decisions.

    Confidence is fine and is a requirement but once it crosses the border, it does become dangerous and can harm the person without him realizing the same.

    Just to take an example, if I start feeling that my English is very good, that I write beautifully and that I am admired by my readers, I stand to lose the opportunities to correct and improve myself. That will surely affect me negatively as a writer.

    Overconfidence should, therefore, be handled with care and the degree should be brought down gradually if you really want good and positive results.

    'Any fool can know. The point is to understand."- Albert Einstein

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    One should have confidence in him but not overconfidence. A person with overconfidence will not shine more in the life as he will never try to learn new things and try to improve his knowledge base. These people who are overconfident will feel that they can understand everything and they will take decisions in a hurry as mentioned by the author. This attitude will show negative results many times. We should always try to be on the ground and we should not speak or act without knowing and accepting the ground realities. At the same time, one should never underestimate himself which will hinder the progress of the individual.
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