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    Why should we go overboard in criticism?

    Years ago, Bishen Singh Bedi, the famous spinner had remarked that a losing Captain is always criticized. When the team is winning, every one starts praising the team, but when something did not go as planned, the same team is torn to pieces. The poor Captain too.

    Some so called experts, who had hailed the IPL as the best ever cricketing event to identify talent, have now made a big U turn, blaming India's poor show in England, to the IPL. The fact is that IPL is the best and most thrilling form of cricket in the entire world. How come, some of these experts, who are expert commentators in IPL, are now seriously against it?

    We should try to identify weaknesses and not totally blame any team in not only cricket but in other games as well. In cricket, it becomes so glaring when a huge number of people gang up to blame the Captain and the team.

    Instead, let us identify all the flaws and try to remove them.
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    By the way the new form of cricket is being devised and implemented at the behest cricket playing players and with their consultancy and suggestion only. After reading this post I was reminded of the famous saying in Hindi which say for those who does not know the dancing much complain upon the stage being small for not having exhibited the required talent. Same goes with Indian team. What I feel that some players are not taking the game very seriously. During their leisure time they must watch the videos of opponent team and tend to brace up for the fight. But our boys are indulging in parties and shopping and thus seriousness of the game is lost. And the coach, manager are also equally responsible for the team debacle. When the board is paying them with hefty fees, they are supposed to deliver positively.
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    I think all these are the internal politics within the members of BCCI or senior players or Ex-players of the Country. When the earlier Coach of team India, Kumble, tried to bring in some discipline in the team many of these members opposed him. Some people finally saw that the coach was changed and the present coach has been appointed. When the coach and captain were interviewed they were overconfident and told that the team visiting England this time is the best ever team of India. They forget the Victories of our previous teams who brought laurels to the country by their wins there. Immediately some Ex Players brought out the fact that the team under the Captaincy of Dravid won series abroad. Because of these people's remarks and overconfidence only this present situation. We are seeing many adverse comments. Actions should prove but nor words. These words should be kept in mind by all the people when they talk or issue statements or Judge people.
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