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    The contribution of women in Indian workforce.

    Whenever the board results are being published we get to read one headline prominently-girls beat the boys. With the advent of awareness among the masses for the significance of education, more girls are enrolled in higher education and undergraduate courses. With the same advent, we can the see the lesser participation of women in the workforce with the steep decline in this decade. There are many reasons for it and the general among the many are the social and cultural ones where women are advised to satiate with the family responsibilities and hence leave the job midway through. The double syndrome, with which both man and woman are suffering from which states that its woman prime responsibility to take care of the household after the wedding, is the reason contributing to the numbers. There are other reasons too and I expect to get it discussed in the thread.
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    This is mainly due to her motherhood. Certain responsibilities a female takes can never be taken up by a man. The patience she is having will always be more than her counterpart. As a mother, she feels that her prime responsibility is to take care of her children but not working and earning money. She feels that she is utilising her time better if she is taking care of his children rather than leaving the children to somebody else and going out for a job. This is the very reason, the Hindu religion treats the mother as the most respectable in the world by any Individual. After the mother only, the father will come. Matrydevobhava, Pitrudevobhava and Acharyyadevobhava. The first pace is given to Mother. Because of this, only many ladies give up their job in between. They feel that their services are more required in the home front to see that her children will become good citizens of tomorrow's India,
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    Women are habituated to work force right from the their tender age as a small girl child would closely watch what the mother does and imitates us. The same would continue even after growing elder and beyond. And this habit would make them to do even multi tasking. Many women attend the morning work at the home, goes to office, in the evening she would educate the child and in the late evenings, she would ready the dinner. So women has been doing all round work for the well being of every one in family. And that is the reason being so they are the winners in all walks of life.
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    The women are primarily take care of household and children.

    Actually if they are given a choice then they will like to go for a job as it gives them opportunity to grow as well as they get confidence and start thinking that they can survive individually.

    Traditionally men did not like their wives to work outside in offices or factories. There were many reasons to think so. Male ego was also responsible for this attitude.

    Now, situation is changing. Women are coming out in open. Some of them are even demanding sharing of household activities. Those who are courageous are leading the women's lib movements.

    There are agencies cropping up in towns and cities which are offering day care for kids and even babies. So women have more opportunities to venture out.

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    We need a massive shift in how society sees women. We need to treat the girl child right, give here equal opportunities for like I said in this thread - Every little girl can be an achiever.

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    Problems faced in getting an education loan from an Indian private sector bank.

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    It is very difficult to get rid of the old conception that a male child should get all the privileges since later he would be the bread - earner of the family. Such thinking still persists in some middle class families living in the rural areas of Haryana, Punjab, Uttarakhand, Jharkhand, Bihar etc. Even some people living in the urban areas are no better than the people living in the rural areas in terms of thinking.
    It has alrady been established that an encouraging and a conducive environment would offer the girl - child an oppurtunity to compete with the opposite sex and for such radical changes, there should be a major shift of our old notion which only encourages the male child for advancements. A shift in our attitude would be enough to accelerate the prospects of the female - child.

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    I think the basic question that has been put up by the author is as to why, despite girls getting educated, topping the exams and proving themselves to be worthy, the share of women in our workforce is not rising. The author has cited marriage and the related responsibilities (so-called) as a probable reason. I agree that it might be a reason but then there are other reasons too which our members may like to think about and elucidate.

    While accepting Juana's argument that we need a massive shift in how society sees women, I would like to add that there needs to be a shift in how a woman sees herself individually first. A family or society may have to compromise on certain issues for a peaceful co-existence but to what extent is a question that needs to be answered.

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