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    Future of start ups in our country

    Today, in our country, we have got many youngsters going for their own start up projects having some potential for future business options.

    These projects are funded either by the bank loans or through corporate social fund routes. There are many NGOs also working in this field either as an intermediator or as a partner to the innovative group undertaking that project.

    In fact there is a mushrooming of such ventures and a few of them might be successful in converting their work in viable business propositions.

    What do you think about these efforts by our innovative youngsters? Are these worth to put up such sincere and dedicated efforts when the success ratios are so minimal?
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    Business environment is becoming more and more competitive day by day and in such a situation the start up ventures have a lot of hard work to be done to devise some useful and commercial product or service.

    It is seen that only a few of them are able to progress ahead with their ideas which are then commercialised by some business entities.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Yes there has been awareness growing to do some thing on own as every one is qualified and has the ability to think differently. Now getting a government job or a good job even in private firms are going to be distant dream and hence with start ups being initiated by central and state governments ,youths are gathering together and putting their best ideas forward to achieve something bigger. In this regard I wish to mention the T hub being started by Telangana government two years back was the great hit as there are facilities, advisers and above all the right start up ideas are given the helping hand. In future the youth wont be blaming for unemployment, instead they would feel elated and happy to provide employment to others. So this change in thinking like could be possible from the cue given by our PM Narender Modi on make in India and Made in India concept.
    K Mohan
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    Even the film industry is having a success rate of hardly 10 % but people don't leave making new films. If we ask those who are making films, they will say that it is their passion towards films that is encouraging them to make films. Same is the case with Start Ups. Youngsters will have some passion to become entrepreneurs and Start Ups are the right way to fulfil their dreams. So, even if the success rate is low, Government should encourage them. We don't know which Start Up can become another Flipkart.

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    If there is a will there is a way, the saying goes. Even the works which we start will be successful, only if we put in our efforts and mind completely in that work. The same is the case with these startups also. If your intention is really to have a success, all startups will be successful only. But as mentioned by the other members, the success rate is low. This is mainly due to the lack of efforts in making the startup successful. We can't say that these startups are not required. We should continue with the concept of encouraging these people with loans but there should be a proper mechanism to monitor their efforts and see whether the facility can be extended to that particular unit or not.
    I know some people who started with a very small investment and they worked hard and made the product doable. Then the organisation was sold to a big industrial house. In this process, the promoters made good money and they cleared all the loans taken from the government.

    always confident

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